President Al-Assad Congratulates the Syrian Arab Army on Army Day

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday congratulated the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army on the 74th Army Day, hailing their great sacrifices in defense of the homeland against terrorism and aggression.

“Happy Army Day to you, men of dignity, sovereignty and honor. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations on the 74th foundation anniversary of our heroic army. I congratulate all of you both officers and soldiers on this glorious day and I would like to express to you the gratitude and respect of our steadfast people, because you are the makers of their glory and victories and the protectors of their land and sovereignty,” President a-Assad said in a statement addressing the Syrian Arab army.

 “Over the past eight years of the ongoing war imposed on Syria, you have spared no effort and offered your life in defense of the homeland and citizens against terrorism and aggression and you were honest and trustworthy in shouldering this responsibility,” President Al-Assad said.

Hamda Mustafa