President al-Assad chairs a meeting for Baath Party

President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday chaired a meeting for the central leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath  Party (ASBP). 
The meeting focused on the experience of the latest voting process  internally (inside the party),the positive and negative aspects that were revealed in the context of this electoral process and their important indications, not only at the party level, but also at the national level.
President al-Assad said that the party's central leadership must work in the light of the outcome of the voting,  taking into consideration the public opinion that fortified  the voting process ,as the candidates for the People’s Assembly will not only represent their party, but they will represent their homeland too.
"The inner-party voting, as an experience, has succeeded in creating movement and dialogue, not only at the party level, but also at national level, and it has showed the importance of the democratic practice as best criterion to embody the choices of the electors to choose their true representatives in the People’s Assembly," the president added. 
He stressed that the success of the democratic practice depends on its persistence, on developing its mechanisms and adopting the best criteria and the utmost degree of transparency for it.
The president cited the need to accurately evaluate the outcome of the experience and to work on  developing the mechanisms to avoid negative aspects. 
Basma Qaddour