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President al-Assad : War will not prevent us from fulfilling our duties

Despite the corona pandemic there was competitiveness in the parliamentary elections-this depicts nationalism

If war has been inflicted upon us that does not mean that we no longer heed our interests

Proper planning stems from having a strategic vision and parliament plays a pivotal role and acts as a bridge between citizens and government

Flaws in legislation negatively affect institutions and the citizens trust in these institutions and this will lead to more negativity in the work arena

Any patriotic citizen will never accept defeatist proposals after so much sacrifice

The Caesar Act is not in isolation from previous stages like the siege that affected the Syrian people adversely
The USA is in need of terrorists in this area like Isis and through the Caesar Act they expressed their support for these terrorists

 The Israeli aggression on Deir Al Zor eased the movement of Isis terrorists

 The practical way to stand against the siege is by increasing productivity and through self reliance

 Let us remember that our stand with the army was a reason for the army's victory and our stand with our currency will also make it stronger

Contrary to what some believe now is the right time for a perk in economy -foreign investors might be cowards but Syrian investors shouldn't be so

We should focus on encouraging small businesses as they are able to fortify the national economy and face the siege-agriculture is the pillar that will fortify our national economy.Great emphasis should be put on it

We will continue our fight against corruption for corruption is poison to our morals and our economy.Our fight against corruption has never stopped but it increased in the past years

 In the midst of war we spoke about the liberation of our land but the return of the power of the government comes through the return of the power of law not only through the liberation of land
Corruption and law can never meet

It is difficult to fight both terrorists on the outside and corruption on the inside

Deterrence is a way of fighting corruption -we will continue retrieving public monetary funds legally and through institutions -money that was plundered from us

 We need to think of what guarantees the citizens sustenance and protects him from poverty

There is no difference between home grown terrorists or those imported or aggressors be they Zionists,Turks or Americans.They are all enemies on our land

The Golan will remain in the heart of every honourable Syrian.Any Zionist or American decree to annex the Golan will make no difference to us .Our right in regaining our Golan is no different from our right in the liberation of all our land from terrorism.

Editor in Chief: Reem Haddad