President Al-Assad presiding over the new cabinet meeting

President Al-Assad while presiding over  the new cabinet meeting: The new government means new members with new ideas, and old members with fresh ideas.

President Al-Assad: It is very necessary for us to think about how to transform the informatics sector into a strategic sector because it is capable of creating many job opportunities with limited establishment costs and high added value.

President Al-Assad: It is necessary for us to encourage the traditional and electronic media to start monitoring corruption cases through investigations and documentation , in order to avert rumors and false news .

President Al-Assad: : Fighting corruption does not mean only that the official should be honest, but rather that should be honest and combat corruption .This does not happen in general, I hope that you will be active in the pursuit of corruption .

President Al-Assad: The Supreme Judicial Council must assume its role, and this is the primary role of the Supreme Judicial Council through strict penalties when there is deviation from the basis of judicial work, violation of laws, or harm to people's interests.President Assad: Every minister is required to return to the laws of his ministry, which are many. Of course, in Syria there are hundreds of laws, and they may have exceeded thousands, but there are basic laws that directly affect the citizen, and we must start with them and set controls and standards for exceptions.

President AL-Assad: What has been accomplished on the issue of fighting corruption is very important, but it does not mean that it is sufficient,. The road ahead is still very long.

President Al-Assad: During the last stage, the Syrian institutions have established a methodology for fighting corruption .

President Al-Assad: The first point of priorities is the administrative reform project that was announced about three years ago. It goes without saying that a healthy government or a sound institution is in the right administration.

President Al-Assad It is our duty to set priorities clearly and publicly, and our priorities should  for the government, the state institutions and for the citizen.


President Al-Assad: The most important way to face the siege is by supporting production.


Raghda Sawas