President Al-Assad visits Mashta al-Helou in Tartous countryside within his tour to a number of areas affected by recent fires

TARTOUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Wednesday visited the town of Mashta al-Helou in Safita area in Tartous countryside within the framework of his tour to the fire-affected areas.

President Al-Assad met with the locals and was briefed on the damage that was inflicted upon them and their agricultural lands.  

The President also met with members of the civil defense teams in the town.

President al-Assad underscored the importance of collective work during the curent period, asserting that this will have a positive impact on all people and not only at the individual level. 

"The Syrian people appreciate the efforts exerted by firefighters to put out the blazes that recently erupted in many Syrian cities and villages," the president added, referring to the fact that firefighters' courage and hard-working, in cooperation with heroes of the Syrian army and families have limited the huge losses that could have resulted from the extension of fires to the residential areas. 
He affirmed that the blazes have left huge damages, but they have not broken the will of Syrians to live and to compensate the losses.