President al-Assad holds talks with Iranian delegation on the Syrian Refugees file

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ President Bashar al-Assad received on Tuesday  Iran's Senior Assistant to the Foreign Minister in Special Political Affairs Ali-Asghar Khaji and the accompanying delegation.
The talks between the two sides dealt with the International Refugees Conference to be held in Damascus on November 11-12.
The Iranian delegation briefed the President on Iran's vision towards the conference and its readiness to offer all forms of support for the success of the conference and resolving this humanitarian file [Refugees file].
The delegation also pointed out that the improvement of the security situation in Syria and the great efforts being exerted by the Syrian government to rebuild what has been destroyed by terrorism constitute a solid base for the return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland and for ending the suffering of those refugees.
On his part, the President stressed that the conference will be an essential step to end the file of refuges as this event will be an opportunity to exchange viewpoints by regional and international parties.
" The case of  the refugees is the case of Syria, but the solution of this case does not depend only on the Syrian government's efforts but also on the honesty of some countries which claim that they defend human rights while they do not care about the difficult circumstances the refuges suffer from," President al-Assad said.
He underscored that some countries work on politicizing the file of refugees and keeping them outside Syria as much as possible in order to put pressure on Syria.
The two sides in addition discussed several issues related to the Astana talks on Syria and the committee of discussing the Syrian constitution.  
Basma Qaddour