President al-Assad takes part in the religious festivity held on prophet Mohammad’s birthday

Damascus (ST): President Bashar al-Assad participated yesterday evening  in the religious festivity held on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday at Sa’d bin Mu’az mosque in Damascus.

The President performed al-Maghreb prayer behind Sheikh, Abdel-Fatah al-Bizem, Mufti of Damascus. The celebration started by the recital of some verses of the Holy Koran.

Minister of Religious Endowments Dr. Mohammed Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed, highlighted the great meanings and sublime values of this noble anniversary noting that  the Prophet’s life  represents a role model to be followed  by humanity and referring to his mercy that came for humanity with his virtues and ethics.

President Al-Assad appoints five new governors in different Syrian provinces

DAMASCUS, (ST-President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday issued five decrees appointing  new governors for the Syrian provinces of Raqqa, Hama, Quneitra, Deir Ezzor and Idleb.

According to the decrees, Mr. Abdul-Razzaq Khalifa will be the governor of Raqqa and Mr. Mohammad Tariq Kreashati, the former Governor of Quneitra, will be the new Governor of Hama.

The decree also provides for appointing Mr. Abdul-Halim Khalil as the new Governor of Quneitra, Mr. Fadil Najjar as the Governor of Deir Ezzor and Mr. Mohammad Nattouf as the Governor of Idleb.

President al-Assad welcomes 2 new ambassadors to Syria

President Bashar al-Assad received on Thursday the new Ambassadors of Pakistan and Oman to Syria who presented their credentials to the president. 

President al-Assad issues decree disbursing one-time grant of 50 thousand SYP for civil and military employees and SYP 40 thousand for pensioners

Damascus, (ST) - President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday issued the legislative decree no. 25 for the year 2020 disbursing a one-time grant with the amount of 50 thousand Syrian pounds to civil and military employees and 40 thousand Syrian pounds to civil and military pensioners.


Following the directives of President al-Assad, the Ministry of Local Administration allocates 2.370 billion SYP to areas damaged by fires in Lattakia and Tartous

Damascus (ST) At the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, and following his recent tour in the regions affected by fires, the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment has allocated 2.370 billion SYP to the governorates of Lattakia and Tartous to carry out services projects in the local administration sector in the villages and towns affected by fires and according to their priorities.

In a statement, Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf said that the President instructed the allocation of 10 million SYP for each village affected by the fires to help the citizens ease the impact of damages that resulted from fires,” noting that the people of the of the villages will choose the projects according to their priorities.

He added that the Ministry has allocated 1.530 billion SYP for Lattakia which covers 153 villages and 840 million SYP for Tartous which covers 84 villages.