President Al-Assad and Russia’s Putin exchange congratulations on New Year

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad and President Vladimir Putin of Russia on Monday exchanged congratulations on the New year and stressed joint keenness on enhancing bilateral ties for the good of the people of the two countries.

President al-Assad receives Russian delegation

DAMASCUS, (ST)_President Bashar al-Assad received today a Russian delegation headed by Dmitry Sablin, Member of State Duma of Russia Federation. 

The President was briefed on the implementation of agreements discussed during the previous Russian delegations' visits and the ways of accelerating the implementation of these agreements for enhancing the joint relations between Syria and Russia in all fields.

President A-Assad affirms intellectuals’ key role in facing the war of terminology and concepts

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Wednesday received a delegation representing the Syrian and Arab intellectuals who participated in the central celebration held by the Arab Writers Union (AWU) marking its 50th foundation anniversary.

The meeting focused on the challenges facing Syria within the ongoing cultural invasion on the country which is one of the most dangerous dimensions of the terrorist war waged on Syria.

President Al-Assad affirmed the key role of intellectuals in scientific and objective analysis of the values and traditions of Arab societies in order to select and protect those useful and change those harmful.

Syrian-Russian economic and trade cooperation progressing steadily

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  President Bashar Al-Assad on Tuesday held talks with Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov and the accompanying delegation on boosting the Syrian-Russian ties and economic cooperation.

The two sides discussed the process of implementing the agreements signed between Syria and Russia, focusing on ways to facilitate and speed up the implementation of these agreements.

Boosting future cooperation in all fields, particularly in the areas of energy, infrastructure, industrial investment to serve the common interests of the peoples of the two countries, was also discussed.  

President al-Assad: “The Belt and Road Initiative” constituted worldwide transformation in international relations…There will be no prospect for US presence in Syria

DAMASCUS- President Bashar al-Assad has stressed that “the Belt and Road Initiative” launched by China constituted a worldwide transformation in the nature of international relations in the world, as it relies on partnership and common interests instead of attempts of domination adopted by the West.

In an interview given to Phoenix Television, President al-Assad pointed out that China, as a superpower, is trying to enhance its influence in the world by relying on friends and common interests that lead to the improvement of the social, economic and security conditions of all countries in this initiative

He said that reconstruction in Syria has already started, but we need more investments from within and outside the country in order to scale it up.

President al-Assad added that now, America is the one stealing the Syrian oil and selling it to Turkey which is an accomplice, with all terrorist groups, in stealing and selling oil. “The Turkish regime plays a direct part in selling the oil, previously with Jabhat al-Nusra, later with ISIS and today with the Americans.”

He emphasized that there will be no prospect for an American presence, saying that if they remained, there will be a popular resistance and they will pay the price.  Ultimately, the Americans will leave.

Following is the full text of the interview: