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President Al-Assad, Khaji discuss developments of the political process in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday received Senior Aide of the Iranian Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ali Asghar Khaji and the accompanying delegation.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the situation in Syria, developments of the political process in the country as the date of the meetings of the Constitutional Committee on Syria in Geneva is approaching.

View points on these issues were identical.

 “Syria is going ahead with this process despite attempts by some parties to divert the committee from its tasks and goals and to change its work mechanism,” President al-Assad stressed.

President al-Assad in a speech to the members of the People's Assembly: There is no difference between a local terrorist, an imported one or a Zionist, Turkish or American soldier, as they are all enemies on our land

Damascus, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad affirmed that the war will not prevent us from carrying out our duties, and the people are adapting to all different circumstances, no matter how difficult.

President al-Assad indicated in a speech to the members of the People's Assembly for the third legislative session that, this session was supposed to be held under the dome of the People’s Assembly as usual, but in light of the measures taken to confront the coronavirus, the session was held at the People’s Palace.

The President said that the election of your honorable assembly constitutes a historical stage of the war, the details of which have been written by our people by the voters ’choice, will and challenge.

President al-Assad : War will not prevent us from fulfilling our duties

Despite the corona pandemic there was competitiveness in the parliamentary elections-this depicts nationalism

If war has been inflicted upon us that does not mean that we no longer heed our interests

Proper planning stems from having a strategic vision and parliament plays a pivotal role and acts as a bridge between citizens and government

Flaws in legislation negatively affect institutions and the citizens trust in these institutions and this will lead to more negativity in the work arena

Any patriotic citizen will never accept defeatist proposals after so much sacrifice

The Caesar Act is not in isolation from previous stages like the siege that affected the Syrian people adversely
The USA is in need of terrorists in this area like Isis and through the Caesar Act they expressed their support for these terrorists

 The Israeli aggression on Deir Al Zor eased the movement of Isis terrorists

 The practical way to stand against the siege is by increasing productivity and through self reliance

President al-Assad sends a cable to his Lebanese counterpart

President al-Assad sent a cable to his Lebanese counterpart Michel Aoun, according to the Syrian Presidency.

President al-Assad expressed his grief and sorrow on the loss of lives in Beirut port’s explosion that occurred today, offering condolences to the Lebanese leadership and people and wishing speedy recovery to wounded ones.

On the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Syrian Arab army: President al-Assad: The Syrian Army has always been with the people during the terrorist war

Damascus (ST): President Bashar Al-Assad the commander in chief of the army and armed forces  has affirmed that that the men of the army have always been with our great people during different stages of the aggressive terrorist war, noting that  the achievements they realized were great.

In a speech delivered to the armed forces and published in “Jaish al-Sha’ab”  (the People’s Army) magazine on the 75th anniversary of army foundation, President al-Assad expressed high appreciation and pride in the great victories realized by the army men, noting that the Army Day represents the confirmation of the values of genuineness, belongingness and dignified future.