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President Al-Assad: "Our army will never hesitate to carry out its national duties"

DAMASCUS–President Bashar al-Assad said on Monday that Aleppo gained the victory and Syria as well, adding that the Syrian army will never hesitate to carry out its national duties.

President al-Assad added in a televised speech on the occasion of the latest liberation wars that the Battle of liberating Aleppo and Idleb countryside is continuous regardless of some sound empty bubbles coming from the north.

Following is the full context of the speech, according to the Syrian news Agency SANA:

President al-Assad receives Iranian delegation

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ President Bashar al-Assad received today a delegation representing the Iranian Shura Council headed by the Speaker of the council Ali Larijani.

The president asserted during the meeting that the Syrian people's enemies are still trying to protect terrorist groups that hold civilians as hostages and human shields.

"We will never allow such acts to continue at the expense of citizens' life, safety and stability. The Syrian people are determined to liberate all areas in the country," President al-Assad asserted.

President Bashar al-Assad chairs a meeting on the national project for administrative reform

On January 28, President Bashar al-Assad headed a meeting on the stages of implementation of the national project for administrative reform and what has been achieved in this regard.

Prime Minister Eng. Imad Khamis and a number of ministers attended the meeting.

The participants discussed the final version of the financial disclosure law, which will be presented in the Cabinet of Ministers in preparation for its approval because of the positive impact of this law.

President Al-Assad holds talks with Lavrentiev, Vershinin on the situation in Aleppo and Idleb

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday held talks with the Russian President's Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev and the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin on the situation in Aleppo and Idleb in the light of the daily terrorist attacks on neighboring residential areas that claimed the lives of many civilians.

The two sides affirmed the importance of the current military operation being carried out by the Syrian Army with a  Russian support to put an end to terrorist attacks and protect civilians.

President Al-Assad: Late Sultan Qaboos led Oman to prosperity

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday sent a cable of condolences to Sultan Haitham bin Tarek al-Said of Oman in which he expressed his heartfelt condolences on the passing away of Sultan Qaboos bin Said and wished Oman and the Omani People more prosperity and progress.

President Al-Assad said in the cable that the late sultan had led Oman towards progress and prosperity and managed with wisdom to create a distinguished position for Oman among Arab countries.  

He expressed confidence in the ability of Sultan Haitham bin Tarek al-Said to continue the work to maintain the country's position and achieve more progress for the welfare of the Omani people.