In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

The hero martyr Muhannad Qara Muhammad was born in 1982 in the city of Idlib. He was one of the Syrian heroes who defended Syria against the terrorists groups.

Muhannad joined the Syrian Arab Army because of his love for his country and his belief in his responsibility to defend the homeland.

 The martyr participated in military missions and engaged in many battles against terrorist groups.

During a clash in Bromma Farms in the city of Idlib Muhannad was martyred with his comrade. He was martyred on 8/5/2013 at the age 31, leaving two children.




In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Fadi Muhammad Kiwan, was born in the village of Sahwat al-Khidr in 1984. He was paralyzed after he was shot by five bullets during the fulfillment of his national duty in Zabadani area in Damascus countryside on the 28th  of November in 2015.
Kiwan joined the Syrian Army in 2004. He and his comrades were fighting terrorist groups in Zabadani area at the beginning of the crisis in 2012.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes 5-8-2021

The martyr engineer Saleh Abdul Hadi Haider is one of the Syrian  heroes who has defended Syria and its lands against terrorists groups .

Eng. Haidar was born on the 18th  of  February in 1982, and he was martyred on November 17, 2012.

He grew up in the village of Abu Qubais, Salhab district, in the countryside of Hama and studied in the village's schools.

The hero martyr Saleh joined the Academy of Military Engineering and graduated from it as an engineer officer in 2004.

The martyr's sister said: “The martyr was brave, loving his family, his friends, his country”.

“My brother was a hero,  he scarified himself for the dignity of  his homeland, Syria” she added.

In November 2012, a sniper opened fire on Haidar while he was on his way to his work in Damascus.

Haidar confronted several attempts to kill him  while he was on his way to his house in Damascus .



After the victories on the battlefields, the wounded of our valiant army make their mark in the fields of academic excellence

The wounded Abd al-Salam Abdul Razzaq, despite his paralysis and his difficult circumstances, decided to continue his education and contribute to the rebuilding of his country as much as he could.

Overjoyed at his success in high school, Abdul Razzaq thanked the Wounded Home Project for its role in following up the affairs of the wounded and providing the necessary support to them.

Abdul Razzaq stressed  that he will continue his life with science and knowledge.

After obtaining a secondary school certificate, the wounded Yassin Huwairi confirms that with hope and will, we are victorious in all fields

As our army won its battles with will, determination and hope in all fields, as well as the wounded Yassin Huwairi from the countryside of Tal Kalakh region obtained the secondary school certificate with determination, defiance and steadfastness.

With the release of the results of the secondary school certificate, as every year, there are academics who excel, but the wounded are always superior to the difficulties and superior to the wounds that increased their affiliation and loyalty to the land.

The wounded Yassin said to SANA reporter: “The joy of success is only matched by the joy of the victory that was achieved by Syrian Arab army. It is true that I am a little bit older, but I live with the heart and mind of the young people who are about to pursue their university life with enthusiasm and passion. So, I can choose a branch that fits my situation as a paralyzed.”