In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Ahmad, Saher, Samer, Hussein Saad al-Din are four martyr brothers who defended and sacrificed their lives for the sake of their homeland, Syria. Three of them were martyred in one day, and the fourth was martyred in a battle against terrorists in Quneitra.

The father of the martyrs, Muhammad Saad al-Din, said: “I am proud of the martyrdom of my sons”.

“I feel pain and sadness in my heart for their absence. Now I have only my wife, daughters and grandchildren to take care for”.

Suaad Saad Al- Din said: “I am the mother of four martyrs. My sons were the joy of my heart. I miss them so much and  I feel very sad for their death, but I believe that it is the will of God. I  want to say to all the mothers of the martyrs to keep patient and be proud of their hero sons. God have mercy upon all Syria’s martyrs.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Brigadier Yaser Shabaan

Date of birth: 1968

Date of Martyrdom:14/12/2012

Civil Status: married

The hero was born in the city of Tartous. He was performing his national duty in fighting terrorist groups in Aleppo when he was martyred.
Rima Hamoud , the wife of the martyr, said :” Yaser was a good husband , a kind father and a generous and brave man” .

“I believe in God and I know that death is fate. His death is for an honorable cause; it is the sovereignty of the homeland Syria. He said before he was martyred that the body is mortal but the soul is eternal,” she added.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Samer Mahmoud Salim

Date of birth: 1969

Date of martyrdom: 10/8/2012

Civil Status: Married and has three children

The hero Samer Mahmoud Salim from the city of Tartous, was performing his national duty in fighting terrorist groups across the country when he was martyred in al-Tal area in Damascus countryside.

Abeer, the martyr’s wife, said: “Martyrdom was a goal for Samer because it is the highest degree of immortality and the path to victory”.

The martyr’s mother, said sadly, that Samer was polite, courageous and loving to his family. “I miss him a lot and hope that he is still alive in heaven” she added.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Rami Mahmoud Hammoudi

Martyr Rami, from Tartous province, is one of the Syrian youths who rushed to join the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army to defend the homeland against the terrorist groups. He didn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself to preserve the stability of his homeland Syria.

The  martyred hero , despite being an only child to his family, performed his national duty in fighting terrorist groups in Palmyra until he was martyred on 24 -10-2013.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Martyr Ahmad Danial

The martyr Ahmad Danial was born in 1996 in Aleppo,  He was eighteen when  he joined the Syrian Arab army to fight terrorists in Syria .
In his last call with his mother Ahmad said to her: “Do not be afraid, we will open the Ramoussa road and eliminate everyone who tries to starve Aleppo”. One day after the Ramoussa road was opened, Ahmad was martyred.

“Ahmad  was brave , he scarified himself  for the dignity and stability of Syria”, his mother said.  

Nada Haj Kheder