In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

A story of a hero

Wounded Lieutenant Colonel Asem Shanan, one of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, returned to his village Qarasa in the western countryside of Sweida province after more than ten months of medical treatment due to his serious injury while performing his duty to defend his homeland against terrorism in the countryside of Hama. The injury led to the amputation of his legs.

Standing on his  “feet”, the wounded hero returns to his family amid a popular and official celebration.  

Asem told SANA that he underwent about 55 surgical operations to install prostheses at Tishreen and Hamish Military Hospitals in Damascus.

His injury didn’t weaken his determination to continue the fight alongside his comrades in the Syrian Arab Army to liberate the homeland from terrorism.

 The hero, Shanan, explains that he participated in removing explosive devices and mines that were planted by terrorists in the northern countryside of Hama, but the terrorists detonated one of the devices from a distance which caused a serious injury to his legs.

Noufah Nasr, the hero’s mother, said: “my son is dear, but the homeland is more precious. As a Syrian mother, I am proud of my son Asem who is always confident and optimistic that Syria’s will triumph over terrorism.”

Dr. Maysa Nasr, the wife of the wounded hero, Lt. Col. Shanan confirmed that his injury is “a source of pride and honor to his family and children. Syria deserves scarifying to preserve its dignity.”

Nada Haj Khidr