In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Story of a Hero

Lieutenant Nour Shukair, one of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, fought against terrorism in different parts of Syria and was wounded three times during battles with terrorists. The last injury caused him quadriplegia, yet couldn't break his will to continue living and achieving his ambitions.

  Wearing his military uniform and sitting in his wheelchair, the wounded soldier is currently taking his high school exam with a strong will to continue obtaining science and knowledge after repeated injuries in the fight against terrorism  forced him to leave the battlefield.

 Shukair told SANA reporter that life will continue and his passion to achieve his ambitions will never stop regardless of the difficult circumstances, stressing the importance of science and education in combating ignorance.

 The hero got a certificate of completion of high school in 2005, but he didn't complete his higher education as he preferred to join the Syrian Arab Army. He now hopes that he will pass the exam and enter the Faculty of Law.Shukair underwent surgical operations in his neck and chest. His health condition improved due to the care and attention that were accorded to him by the "Jareeh Watan" (Homeland Wounded) program which encouraged him to continue his education.
He advised all who have been injured not to surrender to despair no matter how difficult their circumstances are. “Syria is so dear and we have to protect, defend and build it depending on our youths' potentials, honest work and love to the homeland in order to make it stronger than it was," the wounded hero said .

Nada Haj Khidr