In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Hasan Ahmad Abbas

Date of birth:1995– Banyas – Jart Alwadi village

Date of martyrdom:3/10/2020

The hero Hasan was  martyred after a missile fired by terrorists in Lattakia countryside.

Before his martyrdom, Hasan was preparing for his wedding ,

But he did not know that the wedding would be national.

You have not kept your promise to me, but I am very proud of you"" 

This is what his bride Iman said.


Lama Razzouq

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Lieutenant Alber Samaan Al-Amouri

Lieutenant Alber Samaan Al-Amouri was born in Haba village, in the countryside of Tartous. Alber was performing his national duty in fighting terrorist groups in Kasab Countryside of  Lattakia when he was martyred.

Because the homeland was the most valuable thing for him, the hero, did not hesitate with his comrades to sacrifice themselves to preserve the sovereignty and dignity of Syria so he went on fighting terrorists till  he died on 2/4/2014. God have mercy upon his soul.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

The martyred  hero, Major Jamil Adnan Salman graduated from the Syrian Military Academy in 2006. Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria in 2011 ,

he alongside his comrades fought terrorist groups in different parts of Syria and he did not hesitate to carry out any task entrusted to him.

He continued fighting terrorism on all Syrian lands till he was martyred in Hama. Jamil did not hesitate to sacrifice himself  for the dignity of his homeland Syria. God bless him.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Eyad Faisal Al-Abbas

Date of birth:1985

Date of martyrdom:2/9/2011

Civil Status: single

The hero Eyad was  martyred when he was fighting terrorist groups in the city of Homs. Ali Al-Abbas, the martyr’s brother, said: “My brother was martyred after 6 months of the crisis in Syria. He died in clashes with terrorists while he and his colleagues were preventing them from entering Al –Inshaat district in Homs “

Muhannad al-Abbas, the martyr’s brother, also said: “Iyad was one of Syrian  martyrs who fought terrorism for the honor and dignity of our Syrian land  , and we are proud of him”.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Imran Ali Bousheyeh

Date of martyrdom: 2014

Civil Status: single

“Imran Ali Bousheyeh” is a Syrian hero from the village of Mazar Al-Qatria in Lattakia Governorate. He fought in the war against terrorists. He fought them everywhere in Syria.

During his participation with the Syrian Arab Army in one of the battles against terrorists, he was seriously injured.

Imran received treatment; however, his health condition quickly deteriorated until he died at the age of twenty-five to join the convoy of martyrs of the Syrian glory on 12/ 2/ 2014.