Assad has more support


"Assad has more support than any group opposing him. “I'm not really sure we knew what we were doing.”

Brzezinski, the Former U.S. National Security Advisor, February 2015.

Instead, the president came toward me

 Arriving at the Damarose Hotel in Damascus, I was immediately escorted to a different location to discuss the conditions of the interview with the president's communication team. None of their requests were unusual for a head of state. They told me I would have an hour with Assad and that I could ask what I wanted.

The next day, after a light search and one car change, I found myself at a small hillside pavilion hidden in the woods. I was expecting a herd of PR people and bodyguards to welcome me. Instead, the president came toward me, shaking my hand lightly and warmly saying hello.

In contrast to the official military-style portraits of him plastered around Damascus, he appeared more like the optometrist he once was while living in the UK years ago. His gestures, though, were expressive and his hands long and white.

He looked like he would have liked a little more small talk but, as a journalist, I obviously had a purpose: I was there to ask the questions the whole world has been asking — such as 'why are civilians shelled?'—…

Some may argue that, in talking to him, we offered him a platform to expound his views and portray himself as the last bastion against the Islamic State. But as a journalist, I believe it was my duty to go to Damascus to ask him the questions in person. The reader can judge for him or herself.

By Régis Le Sommier/Paris Match. December, 2014.

M. Al-Ibrahim

Media Source: Saud al-Faisal is insignificant to talk about Syria

Media Source: Saud al-Faisal is insignificant to talk about Syria

Why do we want to keep Syria under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad


The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cannot be described as a President of the Syrian State only, but he is a great leader for Syria, an Arab leader and a national hero as well.

This comes because he has qualifications that make others unqualified enough to assume the power of the Syrian presidency. Dr. Bashar is the son of his mentor Hafez al-Assad, who trained him based upon his traditional Arab principles and his national noble humanitarian values.

A question remains, why do we want Bashar al-Assad to continue to be the president of Syria?

1.    He is being targeted by America and the West. The access of evil does not want a president that maintains the sovereignty and independence of his country away from interfering in its internal affairs and its strategic and foreign policy.

President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad Elected Chief Executive with a Popular Mandate




"Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad is elected  Chief Executive with a popular mandate with a Parliament having a lawful democratic Govt. unlike many Arab Countries which are governed by the  Kingdoms, Sheikhdoms, sultanates which have not yet a word like democracy in their dictionaries yet they are most favorite nations of the Anglo-American bloc because they  have accepted the US as their masters, Let Us first start democracy from  those Arab countries."

 Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council, January 3, 2013.