Reconstruction of Syria requires an active role from its expatriates, says Ambassador Haddad

Moscow, (ST) - The Syrian Ambassador in Moscow, Dr. Riad Haddad, stressed  the positive role of Syrian expatriates in rebuilding and reconstructing their country. He indicated that distances do not deter those Syrians from assuming their responsibilities towards their homeland, a fact that they have proven throughout the years of war in Syria.

This came during the Ambassador’s meeting with the Syrian community at the embassy’s headquarters in Moscow. He added that Syria is engaged in the battle of reconstruction, which requires a more important and effective role from  Syrians living  abroad who are determined to contribute to rebuilding the country, each from his workplace and according to his capabilities.

A Syrian Day in Chuvashia, Russia

Members of the Syrian community in the Russian Republic of Chuvashia revived the activities of the Syrian Culture Day, which was held in the building of the Friendship Association between Peoples and included a range of cultural, heritage and artistic activities.

The event included the screening of a documentary film on the Syrian civilization and its most important historical and tourist landmarks, as well as artistic, heritage and cultural segments to introduce Syrian cuisine, folk costume, and ancient customs and traditions.

International Conference on Building Engineering at Damascus University

Damascus (ST): With the participation of researchers and academics from the homeland and the Diaspora, the Higher Institute for Research and Seismic Studies organized its first international conference on building engineering “Towards more sustainable facilities” at the Reda Saeed Conference Center at Damascus University.

The conference participants reviewed, during several sessions, a set of research on the latest technologies used in the field of construction worldwide, as well as the optimal use of energy and natural resources to achieve their sustainability and allow the development of smart and sustainable construction systems that ensure the efficiency of facilities while preserving the environment.

Our students and community in Spain condemn the terrorist bombing in Damascus

On October 25thSyrian students and members of the Syrian community in Spain said that the terrorist bombing that targeted a military bus in Damascus last Wednesday is evidence of the bankruptcy and failure of terrorist organizations.

The representatives of the students and the community issued a statement saying that this criminal act carried out by a handful of mercenaries from terrorist organizations and before the eyes of the world and the silence of the United Nations in a public and flagrant violation of all international covenants and human rights. 

Our community in Cuba: The terrorist bombing will not detract from the determination of the Syrian people

On October 21st, The Syrian community and students in Cuba condemned the terrorist bombing targeting a military bus in Damascus.

In a statement, the Syrian community and studentsointed out that the bombings attempted to destabilize security and stability in Syria and raise the morale of terrorist organizations that have suffered from consecutive defeats at the hands of  the Syrian Arab Army .

The Syrian community and students offered the families of the martyrs  condolences and stressed that the blood of the martyrs of the homeland will remain the lighthouse and the guide to protect Syria’s sovereignty and unity of land .

O. al-Mohammad