Arab communities in Brazil send message to the Papal Embassy over coercive measures imposed on Syrians

BRASILIA, (ST)_Arab communities, mainly the Syrian and Lebanese ones , in Brazil have called for lifting the unjust coercive economic measures being imposed by European countries on the people of Syria. 
The communities sent a message to the EU mission and the Papal Embassy in Brasilia in which Muslim and Christian clergymen, who represent the Arab community in Brazil, asserted that the coercive economic measures being imposed on Syrian people contradict all canons that call for the welfare of Man. 
They called for holding a constructive dialogue with the Syrian government based on mutual respect. 
“Due to the destructive results of the ongoing terror war that have been imposed on Syria since 10 years and the coercive economic measures imposed by the EU and the US, the Syrian people have become unable to meet their daily requirements, including food and medicine amid the outbreak of the corona virus,” the message’s signatories clarified. 
The number of Arab communities in Brazil is around 14.000.000, most of them hold Brazilian nationality. 
Basma Qaddour