“Enhancing relations between the diplomatic community and the Syrian public

The Dama Rose’s Al Mutanabi Ball Room in Damascus, is bound to be abuzz on Saturday October 9, 2021. The Diplomatic Club of Syria, in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and the Ministry of Social Affairs, will be hosting its International Charity Bazaar in partnership with this prestigious venue from 11am to 5pm. The proceeds of the Bazaar will go to selected associations in Aleppo.

The Bazaar is open to all to attend. In addition to it being a fundraiser, the Bazaar also seeks to provide members of the general public with access, and an opportunity to engage with the diplomatic community.  Seventeen embassies and two international organisations have already confirmed their participation. Some associations from Aleppo will also display their products.  Through this event, the DCOS seeks to strengthen relations between the diplomatic community and the Syrian people.

International Biennale in Slovakia awards Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil his own prize

Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil won the special prize at the Austin Biennale in Slovakia, with the participation of 258 artists from 53 countries.  

Khalil's painting revolved around the audio-visual media, depicts the reality of television as a media subject to attempts to marginalize by some of those in charge of emerging technologies. 

Prizes were distributed in the Biennale to painters from Croatia, Slovakia, Brazil, France, the Czech Republic, Russia, Cuba, Colombia and Syria. 

100 young men and women compete in the “Reading Marathon 2021”

Under the title “A Step Toward the Future “, the Revolutionary Youth Union, in cooperation with the Ministries of Education and Culture, launched the final stage of the national central competition of  free reading “Reading Marathon 2021” at Al-Assad National Library in Damascus .

Taking part in the final stage of the  “ Reading Marathon 2021” , which will continue until the sixteenth of this September,were 100 young men and women from different governorates from the basic and secondary education stages, in addition to the university students  with the aim of  encouraging  young people to read and increase their  knowledge  and creativity.

“Lamat Farah” Group in Lattakia .. Sheds light on the tourist and archaeological sites in Syria

“Lamat Farah”  group in Lattakia, which includes both young  males and females of different educational levels, seeks to highlight Syria’s amazing  tourist and archaeological sites .

“Since my childhood I have had  a passion for organizing trips with friends  so I  established a group called "Lamat  Farah" in 2018, with the participation of about 30 members” Lina Maqsoud, the group's founder, expressed  in a statement to SANA.  

She stressed that the group aims at reactivating the tourism movement through  highlighting  and promotion of tourist and archaeological sites and presenting the real and wonderful image of Syria and its people.

Father Elias Zahlawi during his honoring: A Syrian resurrection is coming

 In appreciation of his humanitarian and cultural giving over more than fifty years, Kayan Cultural Development Foundation honored Father Elias Zahlawi. The honoring came during the final preparations for the song "Keep Hope In Us" by the late  singer Mayada Bsilis, which will be sung by the Kayan children's choir under the supervision of Maestro Samir Kwifati.

In a statement to SANA, Father Zahlawi said: "In light of Syria's current difficult reality, I find that we have to return to hope, because for more than ten years we have challenged the impossible and were able to withstand until the advocates of materialistic thought in the West described our steadfastness as close to a miracle."

Syrian young man at a Hungarian university wins the title of “Ambassador for International Students”

Budapest, (ST) - The Syrian young man, RaedGhanem, was awarded the title of Ambassador for International Students from the Hungarian University Miskolc, during an official ceremony attended by a number of scientific and literary figures and university professors from several European countries.

About the reason of the title, Ghanem said in a statement to SANA that, he was given this surname through one of the most important universities in Hungary based on the decision of the Faculty of Law in which he studies.

“There were several considerations for winning this title , foremost of which is scientific and academic excellence, in addition to helping international students and contributing to supporting the university” Ghanem added. 

This title constitutes, according to Ghanem, an addition that it is very important in his professional career and contributes to the development of personal and practical skills, especially in the field of management.

Ghanem stressed the importance of the competence and will of Syrian students wherever they go, especially in light of the current difficulties and challenges.

Ghanem said that, there are multiple tasks for the holder of this title, including those related to helping international students in their studies , facilitating their affairs, representing them at the university and representing the university in national and international conferences and events.

He stressed the importance of having ambition and working with responsibility and determination to achieve the best.

It is noteworthy that Ghanem holds a law degree from Damascus University in 2011 and a master’s degree in public law from the same university in 2018. 

He is currently a doctoral student at the University of Miskolc, Hungarian Faculty of Law at Department of History of Law.

Raghda Sawas

Sally Sheikh Mohammed,28 years old from Lattakia,... The war prevented me from completing my studies, but I achieved my dream of making dolls

My talent is making handmade dolls. It is a Japanese art called Al-Amjrumi. The word is derived from crochet and is represented by making figures with crochet, whether animals, plants, inanimate objects or people and anything that a person can imagine and can turn into a hologram with threads.

And the thing that I love most about my work is the lack of repetition. Every doll is different from the previous one with its independent personality. I mean, there is no routine and boredom. I enjoy designing the doll despite the great time and effort. The result is always worth it.

I participated in local exhibitions in my area, and an exhibition affiliated with the Nada Association recently.

My dream is to own a small shop in old Damascus to mix art and joy with authenticity and ancient history and collect all the works of Al-Amjroumi artists..

My projects currently are internet marketing and I work on demand with a small team made up of my friends, my mother and my sister.

Due to the war I was unable to continue after high school,  but my ambition was always art in all its fields, and I found myself. I achieved my passion for handmade products, and before that, drawing. My dream did not stop at not  obtaining a  university degree . Art needs talent and diligence like any certificate and maybe more…

Lama Razouk