Ovania School in Quneitra has freed itself from the nightmare of dark thought

Quneitra (ST):  Perhaps terrorism has been able to demolish the walls of hundreds of classrooms and the walls of dozens of schools and contaminate blackboards with false slogans and ornate words that want falsehood while hiding behind them the darkness of a reprehensible takfiri thought.

After ten years of terrorism, their terror has failed to extinguish the flame of life and the yearning for school seats among Syrian children and their parents  who were patient and encouraged their children to return . So warmth and life returned to schools that were intended to be headquarters and stores of killing weapons and a launching pad for terrorist operations.


Ovania School for Basic Education is a model for dozens of schools in the Quneitra governorate, from which the dust of terrorism has been shaken off - now it has  risen again to fill its classrooms with knowledge and crowd  its halls with teachers and students to write a bright chapter of the story of the steadfastness and will of a people who want life and seek a future befitting their country, which is deeply rooted in history, civilization, humanity and science.

“I want to become an inventor to contribute to the development of Syria. I love my studies  and my school helps me achieve my dreams.” Words full of insistence on excellence and success, said by the sixth-grade child, Musa Nayef  Bakr, believing in the importance of science to build the nation and draw its future that befits its children .

student Habiba Mohammad Al-Ali said " I love the school and the teachers, and I will become a doctor for treating patients and providing assistance to the needy.

Student Rabab Ali Bakr, said: "I will become a dentist to treat patients for free."

The school principal, Khadija Nassar, stated that “after the return of security and safety to the area and despite the destruction that befell the school, the school was reopened for the academic year 2018-2019 and from the first day, about 60 students joined amidst joy of the families who were displaced, adding that the local community cooperated with the school administration to remove the rubble  and prepare classrooms, and the Red Crescent Organization cooperated with us by providing some assistance."

 Nassar added, "The Ministry of Education, in cooperation with UNICEF, completed rehabilitation and restoration work last year, and the number of students reached 120, and a kindergarten was opened for children and the school was provided with distinguished educational cadres.