Success story: A young man from Aleppo makes a machine for wood engraving

Abdul Razzaq Fares, a graduate from the Faculty of Electric Engineering at Aleppo University, has succeeded in making a machine for engraving on wood (CNC wood router) with international standards, benefiting from the industrial environment in Aleppo and from the help of some industrialists and craftsmen who contributed to the success of this project.

 Abdul Razzaq, who is specialized in industrial automation, told SANA reporter in Aleppo that his project is the result of a contest “JumpStart” for Supporting Graduation Projects, which is a program implemented by UNDP in collaboration with Ministry of Higher Education with the aim of supporting youths in Syria.

The project passed several stages and managed to get necessary funding in addition to technical and logistical follow up support by the contest’s administration during the manufacturing period, he said, adding that these efforts led to the production of a machine model that competes with the imported machines in terms of the manufacturing technique and the mechanical parts. 

 Abdul Razzaq clarified that his machine is used in engraving on wood and plastic panels and in designing advertisements. It can serve in vocational training centers, carpentry workshops and furniture factories, he said, noting the economic feasibility of this project compared to the high costs of importation and the difficulty of shipment due to the economic siege.

He made it clear that if it is manufactured locally, this machine will reduce 40% of the cost of importation, indicating that it costs 35 million Syrian Pounds to import such a machine, while it will cost 20 million if it is made locally.

Hamda Mustafa