Back to school... an activity by Farah Association in Tishreen Hospital to support children with cancer

 Farah Association to support children with cancer in Lattakia and the supervisors of the children’s department at Tishreen University Hospital organized a back-to-school activity, where all school supplies were provided to the children, including bags and complete stationery, in order to support the affected child, rehabilitate him morally and support him psychologically to return and integrate into school during his treatment period and after his painful experience.

The activity was inaugurated in the presence of Alma Safwat, Secretary of the Society’s Board of Directors, and Head of the Oncology Unit at Tishreen Hospital, Dr. Abd Al MoneimGhanem, and in the presence of members of the Society’s General Assembly, Head of Nursing Mrs. Anoud Yousef, and the Nursing Team at the Oncology Unit.

During the activity, a lecture was given to the parents of the children and the medical department by Dr. Yazan Mimar, head of the Oncology Department of the Society.

Farah Association has been operating since 2004 and registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in 2009 and its center is Baghdad Street.

Lama razouk