Sally Sheikh Mohammed,28 years old from Lattakia,... The war prevented me from completing my studies, but I achieved my dream of making dolls

My talent is making handmade dolls. It is a Japanese art called Al-Amjrumi. The word is derived from crochet and is represented by making figures with crochet, whether animals, plants, inanimate objects or people and anything that a person can imagine and can turn into a hologram with threads.

And the thing that I love most about my work is the lack of repetition. Every doll is different from the previous one with its independent personality. I mean, there is no routine and boredom. I enjoy designing the doll despite the great time and effort. The result is always worth it.

I participated in local exhibitions in my area, and an exhibition affiliated with the Nada Association recently.

My dream is to own a small shop in old Damascus to mix art and joy with authenticity and ancient history and collect all the works of Al-Amjroumi artists..

My projects currently are internet marketing and I work on demand with a small team made up of my friends, my mother and my sister.

Due to the war I was unable to continue after high school,  but my ambition was always art in all its fields, and I found myself. I achieved my passion for handmade products, and before that, drawing. My dream did not stop at not  obtaining a  university degree . Art needs talent and diligence like any certificate and maybe more…

Lama Razouk