International Biennale in Slovakia awards Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil his own prize

Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil won the special prize at the Austin Biennale in Slovakia, with the participation of 258 artists from 53 countries.  

Khalil's painting revolved around the audio-visual media, depicts the reality of television as a media subject to attempts to marginalize by some of those in charge of emerging technologies. 

Prizes were distributed in the Biennale to painters from Croatia, Slovakia, Brazil, France, the Czech Republic, Russia, Cuba, Colombia and Syria. 


Last month, Khalil won several prizes from various international festivals. 

The Austin Biennale is an international exhibition for animation and drawing that awards prizes to those who already owe their creativity on paper, to those who depict collective cultural heritage, to new trends, and to young and emerging artists. 

Raed Khalil works as a cartoonist for Al-Baath newspaper and on Syrian television, and has been the director of the Syria International Cartoon Festival since its inception in 2005.


O. al-Mohammad