Sally Sheikh Mohammed,28 years old from Lattakia,... The war prevented me from completing my studies, but I achieved my dream of making dolls

My talent is making handmade dolls. It is a Japanese art called Al-Amjrumi. The word is derived from crochet and is represented by making figures with crochet, whether animals, plants, inanimate objects or people and anything that a person can imagine and can turn into a hologram with threads.

And the thing that I love most about my work is the lack of repetition. Every doll is different from the previous one with its independent personality. I mean, there is no routine and boredom. I enjoy designing the doll despite the great time and effort. The result is always worth it.

I participated in local exhibitions in my area, and an exhibition affiliated with the Nada Association recently.

My dream is to own a small shop in old Damascus to mix art and joy with authenticity and ancient history and collect all the works of Al-Amjroumi artists..

My projects currently are internet marketing and I work on demand with a small team made up of my friends, my mother and my sister.

Due to the war I was unable to continue after high school,  but my ambition was always art in all its fields, and I found myself. I achieved my passion for handmade products, and before that, drawing. My dream did not stop at not  obtaining a  university degree . Art needs talent and diligence like any certificate and maybe more…

Lama Razouk

On the occasion of the Feast of the Blessed Virgin, a celebration in the ancient church of Umm Sharashuh held in Homs

Homs (ST): The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Homs held a religious celebration on the occasion of the Feast of the Virgin Mary in the square of the ancient church in the village of Umm Sharashuh.

Back to school... an activity by Farah Association in Tishreen Hospital to support children with cancer

 Farah Association to support children with cancer in Lattakia and the supervisors of the children’s department at Tishreen University Hospital organized a back-to-school activity, where all school supplies were provided to the children, including bags and complete stationery, in order to support the affected child, rehabilitate him morally and support him psychologically to return and integrate into school during his treatment period and after his painful experience.

The activity was inaugurated in the presence of Alma Safwat, Secretary of the Society’s Board of Directors, and Head of the Oncology Unit at Tishreen Hospital, Dr. Abd Al MoneimGhanem, and in the presence of members of the Society’s General Assembly, Head of Nursing Mrs. Anoud Yousef, and the Nursing Team at the Oncology Unit.

During the activity, a lecture was given to the parents of the children and the medical department by Dr. Yazan Mimar, head of the Oncology Department of the Society.

Farah Association has been operating since 2004 and registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in 2009 and its center is Baghdad Street.

Lama razouk

Saj Ice cream

  Ice cream “on the saj” is a new type of ice cream that has recently increased in popularity in some ice cream shops in Damascus, occupying a special place alongside the Arabic ice cream known as “Daq ice cream” as the Syrians call it.

Success story: A young man from Aleppo makes a machine for wood engraving

Abdul Razzaq Fares, a graduate from the Faculty of Electric Engineering at Aleppo University, has succeeded in making a machine for engraving on wood (CNC wood router) with international standards, benefiting from the industrial environment in Aleppo and from the help of some industrialists and craftsmen who contributed to the success of this project.

 Abdul Razzaq, who is specialized in industrial automation, told SANA reporter in Aleppo that his project is the result of a contest “JumpStart” for Supporting Graduation Projects, which is a program implemented by UNDP in collaboration with Ministry of Higher Education with the aim of supporting youths in Syria.

The project passed several stages and managed to get necessary funding in addition to technical and logistical follow up support by the contest’s administration during the manufacturing period, he said, adding that these efforts led to the production of a machine model that competes with the imported machines in terms of the manufacturing technique and the mechanical parts. 

President Putin in message to Syrian Child Iman: Thanks to you, Syria will have good future

Damascus, (ST) - The Russian Ministry of Defense held a ceremony at the Russian Embassy in Damascus, during which the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Alexander Chaiko conveyed a message from the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin to the Syrian girl, Iman Nibras Ali, who earlier this month sent a letter to President Putin in which she spoke about the return of peaceful life to Syria thanks to the efforts of the armies of the two countries.

In the text of President Putin's message to the child Iman, that was read by Chaiko it said:  I express my sincere gratitude to you for this warm and spiritual letter.

“There is no doubt that it is very important to live safely, study, play with your friends, feel love with your relatives, enjoy every day and believe in a good future,” Putin added in his message.

The Russian President continued: “You know that Russia is doing everything in its power so that Syrian children lives can return to normal and so that you can move forward towards tomorrow with full confidence.

“We will continue to provide support to the Syrian people in combating terrorism and restoring a peaceful life. I am sure that thanks to the talented children in Syria, the Syrian state will have a good future, Putin added”

The girl Iman, born in Jableh in Lattakia Governorate, is 9 years old in the fourth grade, and her hobbies are poetry, recitation and composing stories in Russian and English. She participated in the Patriot Park in Moscow in a Russian-language concert as the youngest participant in the ceremony. During the ceremony, she presented a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Iman said in her speech: "I am as old as the crisis in Syria. Terrorism has destroyed homes and schools and killed the people, but the smile returned to the children of Syria thanks to the heroic Syrian and Russian armies that defeated terrorism."

She presented a poem in Arabic that spoke of the common steadfastness of the two countries in the face of enemies, in addition to prayers and in Russian and Arabic.

In his speech, Chaiko stressed the depth of the friendship between his country and Syria, which is being enhanced day after day.

He expressed his admiration for the efforts of the child, Iman in learning the Russian language, and considered it a "symbol of peace”.

Raghda Sawas

Wounded army personnel: "Jareeh Al-Watan Sports Games lift our spirits, show our ability to prove ourselves"

Participants in the First Jareeh Al-Watan (the Wounded of the Homeland) Sports Games, have stressed that this competition contributes to raising their spirits and show their ability to prove their presence and effectiveness in different domains despite their injuries.

Some of the wounded sportsmen talks to SANA about the importance of these games.

Tarek Naser Al-Deik, said that participating in these competitions is a message stressing that despite their wounds and pains, the wounded personnel are full of life, energy and vitality, and that their inability to be in the battlefields doesn't mean that they are unable to prove themselves in various fields of life, such as sports, art and others.

Sami Iskandar, another wounded personnel, said he came to encourage his fellow wounded soldiers in the sports they chose according to their health conditions and physical abilities. He affirmed the positive impacts of such mass activities on the physical and psychological condition of the wounded people as they prove their ability to do the impossible to be effective in their society.