Syrian Women's Effective Role in their Country's Political, Economic and Social Life Hailed

MOSCOW, (ST)- Syria is participating in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum which kicked off its activities on Wednesday in St Petersburg. The event lasts till September 21st .

A number of participants in the forum said that the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation  in the Eurasian Women's Forum is very important, because it affirms Syria's victory over terrorism following an unjust war imposed on the Syrian people during the past eight years.

They hailed Syrian women's effective role in the political, economic, social and cultural life of their country and at regional and international gatherings, stressing that Syrian women's role is not less important than that of their counterparts in developed countries.

10,000 Volunteers Take part in Campaign to Restore Life to Aleppo

ALEPPO- From the lanes, Souqs (markets) and neighborhoods of the old city of Aleppo, the voluntary SAWA (Together) campaign continues its activities to clear the debris and destruction caused by terrorism, with the participation of about ten thousand volunteers.

According to SANA, the volunteers are from the National Union of Syrian Students in Aleppo, the Revolutionary Youth Union and many local and civil associations.

“Al-Sham Jasmine” for Physiotherapy in Homs

Under the patronage of Mrs. Rima Al Qadri, Minister of Labor  and Social Affairs and in the presence and Eng. Samar al-Sibai, Director of Labor  and Social Affairs in Homs, (Al-Sham Jasmine) Center for Physical Therapy has been recently opened in Homs at the headquarter of   “Steadfast Despite Wounds” Association. The center which is the first of its kind in Homs governorate for physiotherapy and rehabilitation will receive all wounded in the province.

To view the center and know   about the services it will provide to the injured, The Syria Times e-newspaper met Mr. Abdul Kareem Al-Mohammed, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who said: "We have recently opened the center, which is considered the first of its kind in Homs in terms of modernity and distinction.

Massive Efforts Being Exerted to Care for Martyrs’ Families and People with Disability

Though they are deprived of the pleasure of enjoying normal life, disabled people can achieve great success if they are given enough opportunities, so people must not look down on these persons as social burden, Head of “The Disabled and Their Friends” Society in Syria's Lattakia province, Mrs. Firyal Akili, told Syriatimes e-newspaper during the society's annual carnival held recently to support disabled people as well as martyrs' mothers and children. 

"Disabled persons must be encouraged to face life boldly and feel that life still holds the charm for them," Akili said, stressing that these people can be usefully employed in various crafts and vocations befitting them.  

According to Akili, participants in the carnival are some martyrs’ mothers and people with disabilities who exhibit their products of handicrafts and who want to prove to others that despite the challenges produced by the crisis, they are able to be effective in their society, improve their income and support national economy.

The open-air carnival included a handicrafts exhibition, artistic shows and other entertainment activities. The exhibition showcased accessories, crochet works, clothes, embroideries, paintings and different textile works made by the participants. The event's proceeds went to supporting the martyrs’ families and people with disability.

Syria Trust for Development in Focus

“Syria is a trust and its development is a responsibility. Our vision is a nation that bears the positive energy of its people and our goal is to create a supportive environment to enable individuals in Syria to prosper and to participate in the social development of their societies,” this was confirmed by Mr. Hani Aqleh, director of Syria Trust for Development in the province of Lattakia to the Syria Times e-newspaper.

To know more about the foundation and its various activities, Mr. Aqleh said:”Syria Trust for Development is a 17-year-old institution.

Wounded Soldiers Recount Their Experiences

Over the past seven years of the unjust terrorist war imposed on Syria, many people, civilians and military personnel were martyred and many others got injured and became disabled. Thus, tremendous efforts by the government and civil society were needed to provide assistance to families of the martyrs and to the injured persons.

The Syriatimes e-newspaper met some injured army personnel and affected people to shed light on their heroism:   

Injured Colonel Ali Mohammad Sa’eed, who is known among his colleagues as the hawk of the infantry (ground troops) faculty in Aleppo province, told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that “Jabhet al-Nusra” terrorist group attacked the faculty in 12/12/2012 and during the clashes he was seriously injured.

He added that "my friends took me to the faculty’s dispensary to be treated, but fierce battles took place there so I was transferred to the central prison to get medical treatment. Also, the armed groups attacked the prison, kidnapped me and took me to a hospital run by the "Doctors Without Borders" organization (Médecins Sans Frontières). The terrorists tried to kill me by giving me potassium injections, the effect of which may cause sudden death, but thanks to God’s will, the injections were a sort of cure to my health condition as my body was in dire need for potassium due to heavy bleeding."

Volunteer Campaign Launched to Rehabilitate Ghouta Schools

DAMASCUS – Hundreds of Syrian youth and students have got dressed and put on work clothes, spread in a number of terror-affected schools and service centers in the Eastern Ghouta and started rehabilitation and maintenance and cleaning works with great vigor, SANA reported.

The campaign included the service centers in the towns of Kafr Batna, Ein Tarma, Zamalka, Saqba and Arbin, in addition to 2 schools in Daraya in the western Ghouta with the aim of rehabilitating schools, health centers, streets and public squares in the aforementioned areas.