Two ladies make sweets at their home to support their families

TARTOUS, (ST)_With the aim of supporting their families, two ladies, Sawsan Wardeh and Imtithal Abbas, from Banias countryside in Tartous province make sweets at their home upon orders they receive from local residents in their area. 
The two ladies have started their micro-project three years ago , according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), which affirmed that the prices of the sweets being made by two breadwinners are low compared to the prices of the same type of sweets in the market. 

1200 beneficiaries of youth empowerment courses in Aleppo..

The Director of Social Affairs and Labor in Aleppo, Saleh Barakat, confirmed that the number of beneficiaries of the Youth Empowerment Center courses is about / 1200 /, pointing out that the courses focused on career guidance, support for entrepreneurship and vocational training in cooperation with / UNDP /, where important technical services are provided to those looking for A job opportunity, whether for university graduate students, or for professionals by qualifying them and empowering them with the expertise necessary to enter the labor market.

Securing drinking water the daily obsession of families in Hasakah as the Turkish occupation continues to cut off water supplies to the city

Securing drinking water has become the daily obsession of every family in the Syrian city of Hasakah as the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to cut off water supplies from Allouk water station in the occupied city of Ras Al-Ayn to more than a million citizens.

This crisis continues to escalate, worsening the citizens’ suffering and adding more burdens to their life amid complete silence and inaction by the world and the international organizations over this crime committed by the Turkish regime.

Edwar Kato, a citizen from Hasakah with special needs, spoke to SANA about his suffering while trying to get water.

“The only way is to go and search for a water tank to get some water, I don’t have another choice. I feel exhausted from transferring the water and I can no longer bear this hardship. Because of my disability, I can’t carry more than one bottle; therefore, I have to go several times to the tank and get some water which is not enough for drinking and house use, so I have to strictly rationalize using it.”

“I can’t imagine how the families, that lost their breadwinner, can secure their needs in the light of the continuity of this crime,” he added.

Cultural festivity in Lattakia to mark World Children’s Day

Under the title “Childhood is the Joy of the Earth” , the Child Culture  Directorate of  the ministry of Culture organized a festivity in cooperation with the directorates of cultures in several governorates marking the World Children’s Day.

Syrian Colors bazaar supports children with Downs Syndrome

Syrian Colors bazaar, which was held for three days  in the Umayyah Hall at Sheraton Hotel in Damascus and concluded yesterday, included products made by more than 150 women and men to promote them.

 The handicraft products, which were shown in the three-day event, included clothes, food, sweets, wooden gifts, antiques, accessories, traditional embroideries, handmade soap -you name it.

Rana Al-Tabbaa, the organizer of the  Bazaar told Syria times : “This Bazaar aims  to support the project of a “Societe” café that seeks to train and empower Downs Syndrome children and involve them in the labor market.”

 “The bazaar shows the creativity of Syrian women and men and their handmade works that reflect traditional crafts and the aesthetics of their products, which will be a resource of income”.

Aysha Al- Tabaa displayed food products such as jam made by ladies from the workshop of “Al- Malki’s table”. She participated  in the bazaar for the second time to acquaint   people  with her products.
Pharmacist Reyam Al-Matleb displayed natural  handmade cosmetic products .She recently started her project entitled “Anti” [ Which means You].

She participated for the second time in the bazaar to promote her products and to participate in this charity work.

Usama Dawod , another participant, showed  handmade wood designs as gift boxes, chocolate boxes and photo frames. He sees that the bazaar is a good opportunity  to communicate with people and to display his products directly to them.

Reported by : Nada Haj Khidr

Lattakia Governorate honors outstanding students in the General Secondary Certificate including 10 wounded army soldiers.

Latakia (ST): Lattakia Governorate honored 41 male and female students who excelled in the General Secondary Certificate exams in its various branches, including 10 wounded from the Syrian Arab Army.

In a speech during the ceremony, the Governor of Lattakia Ibrahim Khader Al-Salem said that the presence of the wounded in this honoring is evidence of the determination and strong will that they show and their determination to achieve a new victory added to their previous victories, praising the efforts made by the teaching staff to ensure the continuity of the educational process despite all circumstances.

Creative Personalities … Nizar Qabbani, the poet who learned the Jasmine alphabet from Damascus

Nizar Qabbani is the Syrian and Arab creator of the modern era who deserves to be called "the concerned about the world and the interest of people”, as the storms of criticism he suffered from in his life and after his death as well as the people's interest in reading, listening and singing his poems made him deserve this title.

Evaluating the experience of the poet Qabbani, Dr. Saeed Al-Afghani, one of the great professors of the Arabic language, said, “If a paper containing a poem had fallen from Nizar Qabbani in the bus, the first passenger would have carried it to his home.”This is because the poetry that he created carried a specificity and uniqueness that no Arab poet had mastered before, in addition to its elegance and simplicity - that made him one of the top poets whose poems were sung, as great Arab singers sang about 77 of his poems .