A memorandum of understanding allows prison inmates to continue their education at the Virtual University

Damascus (ST): The Ministries of Interior, Higher Education and Scientific Research signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of rehabilitating prison inmates and providing the opportunity to pursue their educational career.

The memorandum includes providing the opportunity for prison inmates to pursue their educationt inside the prison for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the Syrian Virtual University so that they can obtain an academic qualification that allows them to take their role in society after their release.

Artist Ramzia Al-Gazzar turns the walls of her school into an art gallery

Homs, (ST) - The simple rural environment in the village of Kfar Laha, where she was born, had a great impact on the artworks of the plastic artist Ramzia Al-Jazzar. Her artwork depicts everything beautiful there, including colors, flowers, birds and childhood, turning the walls of the primary school, where she teaches , into an exhibition of her works, defying  the events that her village in Homs countryside had suffered from - over seven years of war.

About her artistic experience, the artist Ramzia explained in an interview with SANA that the love of drawing was her passion since childhood, and her mother, who is  a simple rural woman, was good at it, so she encouraged her and refined her talent, which began with simple tools based on a pencil and sand or clay sculpture. She embodied figures of birds and fruits and made village paintings that tell of the giving of the land and the farmers.

Plastic art remained the artist's obsession. Her art was refined when she completed her studies at the Institute of Teacher Training, specializing in drawing, where she began to draw, sculpt, and design models of the ruins of Palmyra and other landmarks.

The Baath Vanguards Organization was the most prominent sponsor of her work .Through exhibitions she participated with in a number of governorates, including the city of Deir Ez-Zor, where she lived for a long time before the war.

The fifty-year-old artist clarifies that what helped her to move forward in art was the encouragement of those around her who admired her artistic creativity as a female in a village where women depend on simple rural jobs.

A seventy-year-old man has been preserving his craft for half a century

The seventy-year-old Taha Hammadi Al-Hammadi has been working in the pottery industry for 55 years creating with his traditional tools, a wide range of pottery pieces that are still popular and admired by many people in Tartous Governorate.

Abu Muhammad, who is called “Al-Fakhouri” due to his work in this industry, displays his goods that are completely handmade, on the highway between the cities of Baniyas and Jableh, in the Arab al-Malik area in particular. He said in an interview with SANA's reporter that he manufactures the pottery pieces according to the customer's request.

Tishreen University and Amal Organization sign an agreement to open a master's degree in rehabilitation and specialization in

Audiology sciences and language and speech assessment Tishreen University signed an agreement with the Syrian Organization for Persons with Disabilities (Amal) to start  a master's degree in rehabilitation and specialization inaudiology sciences and language and speech assessment.

Flower and handicraft exhibition in Lattakia witnesses remarkable turnout

The Flowers and Handicrafts Exhibition, which is part of Lattakia Summer Festival, is witnessing a remarkable turnout from the city's residents, vacationers and visitors from the rest of the governorates.

The exhibition, which opened on the 16th  of this month and will last for three weeks in Al-Fursan Park in Lattakia, is attended by more than fifty exhibitors from several governorates and about 60 economists.  It provides various goods at discounted prices.

Minister of Information: The dramatic epic (Because It Is My Country) documents the heroism of the army and the steadfastness of the Syrian people

Damascus (ST): The Minister of Information Imad Sara described the drama series “Because It is My Country,” which was produced by the Ministry of Information through the General Organization for Radio and Television Production, as a dramatic epic documenting the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army and the steadfastness of the people in the face of terrorism and exposing the terrorism that the country has been exposed to for ten years.

"Qamaruddin", a luxurious Syrian product with high nutritional and medical value

Damascus (ST): Syria is unique in great agricultural products, including “Qamaruddin” ( an apricot paste) whose production process begins in the sixth month of each year after the ripening of the apricot fruit to offer the world a distinguished product that has proven over hundreds of years that it has a high nutritional and medical value, in addition to the delicious taste of the drink that is served on tables in any time of the year, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

The direct benefits granted by "Qamaruddin" are many including strengthening the health of the digestive system, increasing the body’s immunity and supplying it with energy, protecting the heart from diseases, preventing anemia, infections, iron deficiency, strengthening bones and teeth, improving the freshness of skin and hair, and compensating the body with vitamins. Nutrition expert Dr. Yasser Zainab, stressed that despite its great medical and nutritional benefits, it is necessary not to overeat,  so that it does not cause weight gain, raise blood sugar levels, or cause any other digestive problems.