“ Jarih Al-Watan” Program focuses on supporting education of wounded Syrian army personnel

In believing in the capabilities of the wounded  army personnel , whose injuries did not and won’t prevent them from looking forward to the future, “ Jarih Al-Watan” ( injured of the homeland)  program gives top priority to education.  

  It  considers  education as a basic gateway that enables the wounded to a better future and enhances their ability to be active and an integral part  in building  their most valuable homeland and  supports  them to make a difference and a positive change in their lives .   

“ Jarih Al-Watan “ program seeks to provide injured soldiers  a package of services and care to provide them with the best chance of a fulfilled life by offering them the dignified care and rehabilitation they need.  

The project  has set-up integral mechanisms including following-up the wounded personnel’s education and ensuring the required educational environment according to the wounded’s  health condition.

A voluntary day implemented in the neighborhoods of Damascus

Damascus (ST): Damascus Governorate, in cooperation with the local community, NGOs and neighborhood committees, implemented a voluntary service day in the various neighborhoods of Damascus.

The voluntary day included cleaning campaigns, rehabilitation and maintenance work for sidewalks and roads, painting border areas, planting roses and plants, spraying insecticides and removing wall advertising posters.


Dr. Rashad Murad is the ambassador of the International Council for Dental Implants in Syria

Damascus, (ST) - The International Council for Dental Implants appointed the Syrian Dr. RashadMurad as its ambassador for the third time and for a period of two years.

The Council which was founded in 1972 is the largest provider of continuing education and clinical and basic research support in the field of dental implants. It includes general dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontics, orthodontists, laboratory technicians, researchers and academics from nearly 90 countries.


“If there is one word that makes creative people different from others, it is the word complexity. Instead of being an individual, they are a multitude.”

That is a quote by Creativity researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi that reflects that it is not always easy to host a kind of overdose of talents: Often one career direction is not a sufficient outlet for one’s creative thrusts. And being basically uncommon may impede the finding of proper peers as a guide or reference for personal maturation.

This complexity of high ability, multitalented and creative people shows up in many ways, such as having – and often being challenged by – many interests and passions.

Dr. Nida H. Garcia, a researcher in Industrial Education Management, considers that the true essence of being multi talented lies not in fame or success but in what multi talented individuals have become because of their talents.  She found by capturing the experiences of a group of multitalented high school students, the Powerful G’s in the life of multitalented students namely: the Greater Self, the Greater Good and the Glorious Divine. These powerful G’s reflect valuable life lessons that can positively influence and direct human actions to deal with the daily challenges of life effectively and to live life meaningfully.

Young man with disability establishes private business to support his family

HASAKAH, (ST)_Youngman Ahmad Othman, a resident of Kherbet Ammo town in the southern countryside of Qameshli, has challenged his disability and carried out a private business to earn money to support his family which is composed of 5 children. 

Various handicrafts hosted in an exhibition for people with Downs syndrome in As-Sweida

As-Sweida, (ST)- Using various materials such as wood, beads and thread, seven people with Downs syndrome from Al-Sweida presented various handicrafts in accessories within the exhibition launched today by the “I Can” group initiative in cooperation with the Church of Jesus the King of the Capuchin Fathers.

In a statement to SANA, the initiative's coordinator, Hayat Munzer, indicated that the exhibition is an opportunity to display the works of this category, introduce the participants, integrate them into the society, as well as expand their knowledge within the framework of the efforts made to provide them with the necessary support.

A voluntary service day held in several axes in Damascus

Damascus (ST): In implementation of the slogan “Hope by Work,” Damascus Governorate held a voluntary service day that included cleaning campaigns, asphalting works, rehabilitation and maintenance of sidewalks, roads, lighting devices, planting roses and plants in a number of public squares, washing a number of streets, spraying pesticides and removing wall advertising posters.

The service works included the Aisha River highway and the Fifth Node under the southern corridor to the March 8 complex in Zabaltani, the Umayyad and Muhafaza squares, and the cleaning the course of the Barada River branches in the Rukn al-Din and al-Maliki areas.