A number of wounded Syrian soldiers in Aleppo challenge pain and sit their high school certificate final exams

A number of wounded Syrian Arab Army personnel sat their high school certificate final exams which kicked off on Monday countrywide. Their wounds in the battles against terrorism in Syria didn’t weaken their will to continue their life, so they chose to continue their education to be effective partners in rebuilding the homeland.

In Aleppo, Abdul Salam Abdul Razzaq, a wounded army soldier who was so enthusiastic to take his exam, told SANA that he was injured during battles against terrorist organizations in the area of Handarat in the north of Aleppo. His injury in the back caused him hemiplegia but this didn’t kill the hope inside him to continue his study, restore normal life and build a successful future for himself.

More than 250 thousand students start the secondary certificate examinations in all its branches

Damascus (ST): About 250 thousand and 445 male and female students started submitting secondary certificate examinations in their branches (scientific and literary) and in the legal and vocational secondary branches for the first session of 2021 in 2254 examination centers distributed in various governorates.

General secondary students apply for the scientific branch of physics, the literary branch, and the Sharia high school course for philosophical, social and psychological issues.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education confirmed that all its directorates had completed preparing the examination centers in terms of printing questions, distributing observers, and taking precautionary measures to address the Coronavirus.

The secondary school examinations will continue until the 22nd of next June for the scientific branch, the Sharia secondary school, and the vocational high school, and until the 20th of it for the literary branch.


Pruning Trees and Removing Weeds on Road Sides in Lattakia

The breeding and development teams in the Lattakia Agriculture Directorate (Forest Department) have finished removing weeds growing on the roadsides and pruning trees.

Work began during the holiday week, and was carried out according to three axes:

   The first axis:  Qardaha highway .. Work on removing weeds growing on the sides of the roads, moving the accumulated remains, as well as pruning the extended branches, where more than half of the road has been completed, and the work is continuing.

Volunteers from Saint Ephrem prepare meals for Iftar

A group of volunteers from the Saint Ephrem the Syriac Patriarchate Commission and the iCare team from the Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarchate participated in the “Stop Hunger” initiative.

The “Saed” Associationorganized the initiative to prepare meals for the fasting people who are fasting.

Jacques Yaqoub, the Patriarchal Deputy for Youth Affairs and Christian Formation in the Patriarchate of Antioch and the rest of the East for the Syriac Orthodox Syriac, said that the Patriarchate, participated over the past years in the event to affirm the unity of Syria and the Syrians.

Kafa Joseph, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at “Saed” Association, said that the association is organizing this event for the ninth year in a row as part of the “Stop Hunger” initiative.

Joseph said that today's event includes preparing “Laylat al-Qadr” ( the Night of Destiny ) 12 thousand meals.

“Good people”, a youth initiative to support needy families during the holy month of Ramadan

Damascus (ST): The Revolutionary Youth Union Organization has launched the (Good People) initiative. About 40 young men and women have been working for  seven hours a day since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan  in an atmosphere of cooperation and love that embodies the importance of voluntary work and social solidarity.

 Nour Ibrahim, pointed out that the Organization is carrying out this initiative in cooperation with the (Our Generation) Foundation, considering it a positive experience in the field of humanitarian work and a step to help needy families, especially in the month of Ramadan.

Ibrahim indicated that the team’s work begins in the morning by sterilizing and cleaning the place, then preparing to cook the basic meal, followed by the cooling phase, then packing and packaging the meals, to end the work in the distribution phase, explaining that the families targeted for distribution are families of the martyrs and needy families in order to reduce their economic burdens, pointing out that it is a continuous daily work until the end of the month of Ramadan.

Mohammad Seifeddin pointed out that what they are doing represents their duty as a youth towards society, and anyone who is able to give, whether by effort, time, or even money, should fulfill his duty towards his country. 

Director of the Board of Trustees of the “Our Generation” Foundation, Najeeb Hajj Bakri  said that such initiatives enhance the youth’s belonging to their community and have a positive impact on its members, pointing out that 40 young men and women are participating in the initiative which aims to distribute meals to more than 900 families with about 1,700 meals per day.

Basma launches a campaign to support children with cancer

On May 2nd, Basma Association for Supporting Children with Cancer launched the ‘One Million Basma’ campaign.

The campaign is a fundraising one to support the continuation of free medical treatment services for children with cancer.

The campaign entitled “ Our life is in your hands” will continue until the end of this year to collect one million donations, each of which is worth one thousand pounds .The donations are made through a mobile message or by  depositing an amount in several banks as well as allocating points for donations such as universities, schools, malls, markets, restaurants and other places in various governorates.

Bamboo stimulates Eyad Khunda to create exquisite masterpieces

Despite his disability , 37-year-old Eyad Khunda refused to surrender to frustration and despair, as he found in his favorite profession “bamboo making” a way out of a very difficult psychological and social situation that accompanied him during the first period of his tragedy in adapting to his new lifestyle.

Surrounded by numerous beautifully designed bamboo pieces and accompanied by his friends, Khunda sits in a small workshop at the

headquarters of the Blind Care Association in Lattakia, gossiping while his fingers move lightly and proficiently weaving the twisted straw around the bamboo sticks to create a variety of gift boxes, laundry baskets, tissue boxes and fruits and trash baskets.