In The Time of Corona….Symptoms not mentioned by medicine

Everyone talks about the symptoms of the disease, but none of them mentioned the symptoms of quarantine for people. I will do this job.

Among the critical symptoms caused by quarantine are the following: The voices of your children are higher than the normally accepted rate, to the extent of severe headaches.

Your husband is a very strange person who is different from the one you met and married to, because he loves being in the kitchen, wandering between the rooms and issues orders and comments……He has become a home policeman, I always thought I was married to an engineer . This is how your husband forgets everything, and he only remembers the virtue of his mother and her methods of cooking, cleaning and home management.


Your neighbors are too many. They are talking all day with loud voices, and they give you every day a historical summary of each other’s life.

Everyone realized the importance of working and leaving the house, whatever the circumstances, because it is salvation, so people became more faithful and religious.   Everywhere, They are praying  to God that the disease ends and they leave their homes before they will really  be  in need of mental sanatoriums.


Amal Farhat