“Souq El-Dayaa” in Lattakia… from Producer to Consumer

 From savoring produce at the peak of freshness to meeting the people who grow your food, there are countless reasons to support farmers markets.

There are many benefits to buy locally grown food, and each person makes their choice for different reasons. Locally grown food creates important economic opportunities, provides health benefits and helps reduce environmental impact.

Shedding light on this unique experience Syriatimes e-newspaper visited “Souq Al-Dayaa” (the village market), which is organized twice a week at Al-Sultan park in Lattakia by “Souq El-Dayaa” civil society association there.

  A number of farmers display a wide range of hand-made products including excellent food industries  like dairy products by rural women including jam, pickles, concentrated juice in addition to oil, soap and dry medical plants, traditional handicrafts, cosmetic and accessories made of natural plants as well as many other household products  which Syrian rural women can produce with high quality and free of chemical and preservative materials.


Sam Mahmoud, one of the supervisors of the  “Souq El- Dayaa”  told Syriatimes e-newspaper “In the light of the difficult economic conditions that the Syrian people are suffering from and the inflation of prices, “Souq El –Dayaa”  plays an important role in displaying farmers’ products directly from the producer to the consumer at  low prices compared to the market”.

Mahmoud pointed out that this economic event is characterized by providing multiple natural agricultural products which are friendly to humans and nature.

He underscored that One of the permanent activities accompanying “Souq Al-Dayaa  is the “Peace Moment”  initiative, which seeks to perpetuate the concept of peace as when a person lives  inner peace, he is able to live external peace.

“A Peace Moment initiative aims to be with ourselves, to breathe calmly, to monitor and purify our feelings and enjoy the moments beyond the limits of our thoughts “the supervisor expressed.

 Syriatimes e-newspaper met several producers, who are benefiting from “Soqu El-Dayaa” through marketing their hand-made products there.

Najla Salman, who is interested in making accessories from seeds of plants, gemstones, wood and seashell as well as dry medical plants, said to Syriatimes e-newspaper that “Souq Al-Dayaa is of great importance as it empowers rural women financially, socially and raises awareness about the importance of using medical and aromatic plants and reviving the medical heritage, especially Lattakia’s countryside which is famous for the diversity of natural plants.

On her part, Amal Shaaban , who is displaying drawings on stone, wood, gemstones as well as concentrated juice, stressed the importance of supporting and marketing their products as they give them in return a decent income ,protecting the available natural resources in the countryside as well as enhancing the role of rural women.

According to the producer Mohsen Asaad, who is interested in manufacturing cosmetic and soap made of natural plants, the most important thing is returning back to nature to manufacture products. This plays a vital role in protecting nature, which is the mother of everything.

Nature was and still is a vital field for human beings through which they are able to ensure the continuation of life. Raising awareness about preserving the environment and preventing its degradation is one of the most important areas in which a number of Syrian civil societies associations are active.

 “Nature is a mother and a person without nature is like a tree without a root. Our relationship with nature should be more loving. We should plant the seeds of environmental awareness. When the earth is fine, we are fine and doing well. When the earth is filled with pollution and toxins, it will reflect negatively on the human being” the pharmacist Zeina Waleed, Head of   “Souq El-Dayaa” Civil Society Association in Lattakia said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

 Waleed underlined that association seeks to raise environmental, health and nutritional awareness and preserve the security of the land by supporting farmers who have natural healthy food products free of chemicals and encouraging artisans who revive through their work   distinctive traditional crafts that are friendly to environment. .

The Pharmacist indicated that the association carried out several activities, campaigns, initiatives and workshops with the aim of increasing environmental awareness and the necessity of nature conservation.  

“Among the most important of the association’s  activities was the “yes to life”  campaign  whose goal was to spread love and peace among  people who have  physical or psychological impairments, especially cancer patients” Waleed said.

According to Waleed, “Free Hugs” initiative was a remarkable activity carried out by the association to  break the barrier of fear after nine-years of brutal war against Syria and to prove to the world that  Syrians are able to overcome all difficulties thanks to their awareness and love for each other.

She indicated that “Souq El-Dayaa” is witnessing a remarkable turn out and accompanied by holding constantly several activities for farmers, visitors and their children, the most important of which are training workshops and campaigns of afforestation, cleaning as well as recycling waste materials and papers.


Interviewed by: Rawaa Ghanam

Photos by: Rawaa Ghanam