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A Young Syrian Man Writes an International Success Story with the Scent of Jasmine

A Syrian young man Anas Abbas has inherited the secret of the craftsmanship from his father, who used to bring him to his shop for manufacturing perfumes from a young age..

Despite his help in the daily work at the shop which was steeped in all kinds of fine smells, the ambitious young man Abbas did not stop at manufacturing and selling perfumes, but rather developed the distinguished skills he has acquired over the years in the ability to manufacture a new scent of his own, which soon brought him into the Guinness World Records.

The real change in the life of the twenty-year-old man came after he won the third place in a perfume manufacturing competition in Lebanon in 2014, where he managed to outperform ninety competitors from different countries of the world by manufacturing new perfumes with oriental ingredients, the most prominent of which was a unique perfume which he called “Damascus fragrant jasmine.” It is based on vanilla and jasmine.

Abbas told SANA “My perfume was able to achieve a wide reputation after its spread inside Syria and abroad.

It reached the French perfume capital, Grasse, under which I obtained membership at perfume committees there.

"Damascus fragrant Jasmine" perfume spread in several Asian and European countries, which encouraged me to register it in the Guinness World Records under the membership No. 144267

The unique fragrance, as described by the ambitious young man, took a whole year to manufacture. It is based on jasmine and vanilla and changes its scent every five minutes. Big quantities of this perfume were sold in Europe, Asia and China.

Abbas expressed his happiness with the support and love of the Syrians for what he has accomplished, stressing the Syrian youths’ creativity in all fields, wishing that he would continue to raise the flag of his country in various international forums…

It is noteworthy that Anas Abbas is a student at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Damascus University.

Rawaa Ghanam