A Young Syrian Man Documents the History of Arab Currency

Documentation can come in different forms including the academic specialization and individual hobby.

Under the title “from the History of Money in Arab Africa” the young Syrian Humam Abdul Rahman continues his project in documenting the history of currencies in the Arab world.

The book includes chapters on the currencies of the Arab countries in the continent of Africa and explains them with information and pictures in terms of shape, history, and currency development in each country.

The 18-year Syrian youth, who is a student in the third grade of secondary school, told SANA that his study did not prevent him from continuing in his interest in collecting money and documenting it in a scientific and accurate manner.

He indicated that he depends on the central bank of each country to document its currencies in addition to his communication with people who are interested in this field to obtain the most accurate information.


Although Humam’s first book achieved a wide local and international spread , it did not achieve its primary goal of spreading the culture of reading among his generation, according to the Syrian youth.

He pointed out that the process of documentation took a year and a half to re-document and control the information to be of a high degree of credibility and accuracy.

Humam said that the revenue of the book, which was printed by the Teachers Union in Damascus, was for the families of the martyrs, in appreciation of their sacrifice for the sake of the continuity of the Syrian civilization.

Concerning the features and characteristics of the Syrian currency, Humam said that the Syrian currency was ranked globally among the most beautiful currencies in terms of design, shape and evidence, adding that each piece has a certain symbolism and significance which documents the Syrian civilization.

The young Syrian highlighted the fact that the five hundred ancient Syrian pounds note got the most beautiful design in a British competition for world currencies.

Humam issued a year and a half ago his first book, entitled “From the History of Currency in Syria and the Levant".

Rawaa Ghanam