Fun at Martyr’s School

A Syrian teacher resorts to social media to innovate a unique method of education by integrating music and fun with the educational process. With love and passion, Nagham Ali, teacher at Martyr Ali Ahmad Al-Shanbur School in Tartous, invests her drawing, singing and musical skills in stimulating the spirit of participation and interaction among her first-grade pupils.

She uses drawing and music as a method of teaching and delivering scientific material to students by helping them learn and develop new skills away from traditional indoctrination methods.


According to Nagham Ali “This is the right method to teach our renovated curricula, which is directed toward tangible sensory means of education related to the scientific material, yet help to develop new skills and mental abilities of first grade student”.

For 12 years, Miss Nagham, or "Mama Nagham" as her students love to call her, has been composing lessons and using educational games and aids for students to interact with the lessons. She confirms that her method helps students learn without effort.

Lama Razzouq