The National Hospital of the Martyr Dr. IbrahimNaama in  Jableh has witnessed maintenance and rehabilitation works in a number of departments and offices. Dr. Qusay al-Khalil, Director of the hospital, stated that a team from the Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development in Lattakia maintained and rehabilitated a number of departments and offices in the hospital.Maintenance works included departments of:esoteric, obstetrics,radiology and surgery; in addition to a children's wing, residents' ward, administrative unit, pharmacy and quality office on the third floor.

Dr. AL-Khalil  said that the renewing works comprise beautifying the hospital facade, installing new ceilings with lighting, in addition to implementing works within the paramedic department.

It is reported that Jableh Hospital has returned to work in its outpatient clinics, laboratory, radiology unit and operation rooms, taking into account the adherence to all precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus.

Lama Razouk