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Reda from Homs: Work is being done in coordination with the Syrian government to establish economic development projects to support the displaced families

Homs, (ST)-The Resident Coordinator of the activities of the United Nations and Humanitarian Affairs in the Syrian Arab Republic, Omran Reda, during his visit to Homs Governorate, mentioned the facilities provided by the Syrian government to the work of the United Nations organizations in the various governorates, including Homs , in the framework of realizing its humanitarian goal and achieving the citizens humanitarian response .

He added: "The work is being done in coordination with the Syrian government to establish economic development projects to support the people who are returning to their villages and cities, according to the available capabilities, and secure the necessary revenues to finance these projects".

Traveler Adnan Azzam is approaching Moscow to end his trip (Syria is the World)

A few kilometers separate traveler Adnan Azzam from the end of his trip (Syria is the World) from Damascus to Moscow. He began this trip more than nine months ago on the horseback of his thorough bred Arabian horse.

Reaching the end point in Moscow, Azzam will have traveled more than 5000 km with his horse, Nayazek El-Sham.

Azzam said: "We lived, during the various stages of the journey,  through severe weather conditions, especially in the last stage when crossing over to Russian territory, which coincided with the beginning  of the winter season, known for its harsh conditions there."

Azzam added: "Despite the harsh weather conditions in the various countries that we passed  through during our journey  and the long hours of waiting as we were traveling across countries, our determination to continue the journey did not weaken and we insisted  on delivering the Syrian message to the world that "Syria is the country of love and peace".

International Literacy Day

Damascus, ST- The war did not let us forget our obligation towards teaching the elderly. Therefore, it was necessary to give more attention to teaching the elderly to face the repercussions of the war on Syria, especially when many schools were destroyed in various Syrian territories that suffered from terrorism.

"Literacy and teaching the elderly " was the title  of a seminar held by the Directorate of Cultural Development and teaching the elderly  at the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of International Literacy Day.

Christmas Gifts or Christmas Trees… Could a Childhood's Dream Come True after 50 Years…

He returned to Syria his homeland after 50 years of living abroad only to plant a few trees in his childhood garden, and ended by establishing a League called "Friends of Sebki Park League". Syriatimes met this remarkable person, Mr. Tahseen El Fakir, a Syrian expatriate, who has lived in Sweden for 50 years, and has returned back to his homeland to realize his childhood dream. This is a special time and these are holy days when all the trees are decorated for the Christmas season, but as well as a representation of the tree of life and resurrection and birth of Jesus Christ, the prophet of peace and compassion, whose cradle was the Levantine. Yes, in those days dreams came true here in the cradle of the religion of peace.

Bazaar (You have the right to talk) markets handicrafts

Damascus, (ST) - Bazaar (You have the right to talk) which aims at promoting  awareness of gender discrimination  held by Nada Development Association in Khan Asaad Pasha in Damascus finished its activities.

The two-day bazaar, which gathered more than 75 people from Damascus, its countryside, Tartous, and As-Suwayda, who  were mostly women, featured a set of handicrafts, including crochet, embroidery, accessories, and the manufacture of sweets with the aim of giving the participants an opportunity to market their goods.

Deputy Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, Mai Al-Abrash, explained that the association provides support to those who wish to enter the labor market through vocational training courses within its centers in the Mazzeh, Ghazlaniyyah, Saburah and Zabadani areas, as well as providing financial grants to implement small projects within a program launched in cooperation with the High Commissioner for Refugees since 2013.

Najah Kharita said that bazaar gave her a chance to do a training course in her house in sewing and remodeling of old clothes.

A training course entitled "the basics of child protection"

Protecting children from danger is a social and a humanitarian duty. So, Humanitarian Support Project in Syrian Arab Red Crescent Lattakia branch implemented an activity entitled "social committee sessions."

Through the training, the participants knew about SARC work, the services of the Community Center and its departments in general, the definition of "the Convention of the Rights of the Child", the meaning of the word "protection" as precaution and response, as well as the dangers that face children.

Everyone on the social committee presented projects which focused on what they have learnt throughout the training, and they were very informative. All this was expressed by the committee through a big mural decorated by drawings and writings related to the training.

Lama Razzouk

Christmas in Syria …. The Land of Peace and Love

Christmas time is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year in Syria. Though Syria is home to a population of different sects and it’s a wonderful thing to see the Christmas spirit alive and well in homes across the country.