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“Life Makers” Library for Children with Cancer in Lattakia

 Children with cancer, wherever they live in the world , should have equal access to the best possible treatment and care because children with cancer face unique challenges and adjustment.

The opening of the “ Life Makers" library at the Oncology department in Tishreen University Hospital in Lattakia province is the second and final stage of the “Mena and Fina “ project that was launched by the Junior Chamber International JCI in Latakia last September in cooperation with a large number of NGOs and state establishments.

The humanitarian initiative, which is the first of its kind in the province, forms a glimmer of hope that alleviates the pain of children with cancer and supports their treatment process in general.

Damascene rose ... a tale of perfume and heritage

In its inclusion on the list of intangible human heritage ... the Damascene rose  a tale of perfume and heritage.

The Damascene rose was found in the Middle East, thousands of years ago, where it dates back to before BC, and Ibn Sina was the first to discover the aromatic benefit of the rose and the first to start extracting essential oil from the Damascene rose since the eleventh century AD.

Its oil is the most expensive in the world.

Christmas in Homs

This Christmas tree is not in Europe or in America, but in a country that has been ravaged by terrorism for 10 years. Al- Hawash – Al- Nadarah Valley-Homs

Amal Farhat

Folk Costumes of the Syrian Desert: A Genuine Heritage Which Attracted Western Orientalist and Travelers

Bedouin costumes in the Syrian Desert reflect many aspects of the social life of groups of people who, for many decades, lived in an isolated oasis far from the modern life of Arab societies. These costumes reflect how the Bedouin could accommodate himself with his environment and with nature, and how he lived and practiced his normal life for many centuries. Although many of these costumes kept their original styles and distinguished heritage characters, we cannot ignore that Bedouin life in general, costumes included, were influenced by modernism. Some of these costumes are now a story of the past with the advent of alfarweh, aldamer and alzaboun.

Children's parliaments are a step to enhance their self-confidence and encourage dialogue and responsibility

Damascus, (ST) - Children's parliaments work to train young children to take responsibility and acquaint them with their rights and duties, and to develop the culture of discussion and dialogue with them and raise their problems and aspirations in front of other people older than them to which will result in a lot of positive points in the formation of their childhood personalities.

The atmosphere of children's parliaments was recently embodied during an interactive session within a meeting of young parliamentarians from the Vanguard of the Ba'ath Organization with members of the Damascus City Council, who asked them questions and inquiries and received from them immediate answers to all their proposals concerning their lives with their families and within the community and the rights of the child and everything related to his personality.

Joy accompanies the children in World Children Day

Smiles .. Joy and dreams were achieved for the first time, that's how the celebration was in The World Children Day.

Two days of activities were implemented by The Child Protection Department within Humanitration Support Project in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Lattakia branch supported by UNHCR_Syria , and (103) children were targeted in Tishreen Hospital and the Children's Public Library Association.

The event included viewing an entertainment film for children, pottery coloring activity, a short story about children's rights which was told to them in an exciting way, in addition to distributing gifts to the children by the team at the end of the event.

Creative handmade works at a charity Bazaar

The annual Charity bazaar, held by the “New Generation for Culture and Arts”association in Damascus with the participation of women from five civil society associations that are interested in handicrafts, showcased  a variety of handicrafts, clothes, candles, soap, cosmetics, food, sweets, Christmas decorations  and other hand-made products.