President Al-Assad: Conflict between homeland and its enemies, Syrian people and the criminal killers


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad reiterated commitment to dialogue and  political solution for the ongoing crisis in Syria .

" We will dialogue and extend our hands always and ever  to dialogue with parties and individuals and with all who put their guns down, " said President Al-Assad in a speech at the Opera House in Damascus Sunday, January 6th.

In a commitment to the independence of the Syrian decision , sovereignty as well as to the United Nations (UN) Charter, President Al-Assad outlined some proposals for the political solution in Syria:


DAMASCUS, (ST) – Syria's battle with the enemy takes multiple forms and clear goals as it determines the destiny of our people and nation, underscored President Bashar Al-Assad, Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces.

In a written speech to the Syrian army on the 67 anniversary of the Army Foundation Day, President Al-Assad asserted that the enemy exploited internal agents as a bridge to destabilize the homeland, undermine the citizens' safety and drain our economic and scientific capabilities with the aim of weakening us and preventing us from drawing up our future and improving our society to the level of the developed countries.

President Al-Assad pointed out that "the enemies wanted to prevent our people from their national decision but they were surprised by the Syrian people who stood as one man against their schemes and defeated them, leading them to look for a way out of their defeats, plot more schemes and assign the task of carrying out such schemes to local agents."

The President added that the Syrian people have foiled all these schemes and dropped all bets on influencing their awareness and proved that they cannot be subjugated.

Speech Delivered by H.E. President Bashar al-Assad at the People's Assembly

At the beginning of this legislative course, we remember brothers of ours who should have been with us under the roof of this parliament taking part in this great national workshop, but the bullets of treachery prevented them from doing so. They fell martyrs merely because they were determined to shoulder national responsibility by putting themselves forward as candidates for the elections of the People's Assembly; and so they haven't been able to share with us this historic day.

In respect for their souls and the souls of all innocent civilian martyrs and military martyrs who fell since the early days of these events, we stand with great veneration and send their families our love and say to them that their blood was not spilled in vain. I am not saying this to indicate seeking revenge but in terms of upholding right because a right is never forgotten unless it is forfeited by its owner.