Good results for Syrian Equestrians

The seventh stage of the Salam International Equestrian jumping barriers Championship that was held on Basil Al-Assad Club in Dimas, Damascus countryside, has concluded.

This stage contained five matches (2 matches for middle level cat, 2 matches for high level cat, one match for fair level cat.

In the first match, Jordanian Equestrian Ibrahim Bsharat came first (high level 145 cm- two half- best time), Ahmad Hamshou came second and Hani Bsharat came third.

In the second match, Liath Al-Ali topped first (middle level 130 cm- two half), Sham Al-Assad topped second and Hani Badran topped third.

In the third match, Equestrian Ahmad Hamshou (high level – two half) made it to first place, Sham Al-Assad to second and Humam Al-Khouli to third.

In the fourth match, Equestrian Sham Al-Assad (middle level – two half) topped first, Laith Al-Ali topped second and Omar Hamshou topped third.