Syrian team harvests 51 medals at West Asian Weightlifting Championship

Abu Dhabi - Syrian weightlifting team harvested 51 various medals (29 gold, 15 silvers and 7 bronzes) in 2020 West Asian Weightlifting Championship which was held in the UAE.

 150 athletes (male and female) from 15 states participated in the competition.

29 gold medals as follows:

 Nagham Rasha won 3 gold medals, Roub’a Suleiman won 6 gold medals, Mary Hassan won 6 gold medals, Ja’afar Mayya won three gold medals, and 3 gold medals were won by Tawfiq Fateh and Lubaba al-Shamali.

 Yahiya al-Ghafir and Mohammad Muthalaj won a gold medal each.

15 silver medals as follows:

 Yahiya al-Ghafir won 5 silver medals, Tawfiq Fateh won 6 silver medals, Mohammad Muthalaj won one silver medal and Mohammad al-Hayek won 3 silver medals men category.

7 bronze medals as follows:

Ja’afar Mayya won 3 bronze medals, Mohammad Muthalaj won one bronze medal and Majd Jughaili won three bronze medals.