Indian Embassy in Damascus Marks International Day of Yoga

Yoga is a gift  stemming from Indian tradition that embodies the unity between mind , body, thoughts, and action. It symbolizes harmony between humans and nature .

Under the title "Yoga for Harmony and Peace", the Indian Embassy in Damascus, in cooperation with the Higher Committee for Yoga and Energy in Syria organized on Friday  an event  marking  the International Day of Yoga, which is celebrated on June  the 21st  ,  at al-Jalaa Sports  city  in Damascus.

The  activity  included exercises for yoga practitioners  that  embodied the unified world movements of yoga as well as spiritual dances that express peace.

  In a speech during the activity, the Indian ambassador in Damascus, Dr. Hafizur Rahman pointed out  that yoga has become  life for millions of people in the world and  it is a comprehensive system for healthy living and well-being.

He  underlined the benefits of yoga as   it is a bridge between the Indian and Syrian cultures , a way to spread the messages of love and peace and it is the best approach  to overcome depression and anxiety.

Ambassador  Rahman emphasized that India is a peace-loving country and presented yoga as a valuable gift for the people of the world as it  seeks to create harmony  between mind and body.

He noted  that while the world is facing the Corona pandemic, yoga has become more important in maintaining a healthy  system and an effective way to enhance immunity and feel a sense of balance.

Concerning  the bilateral relations between India and Syria, Ambassador Hafizur Rahman affirmed that they are strong and historic, underlining  that his country is firm in its supportive stances for  Syria, which in turn supports India's stances in international and regional forums..

Rawaa Ghanam