The Culture Palace Theater in Homs hosts a three-day screening of the movie “Qasam”

Within the Syrian Icon Project, the Culture House Palace Theater in Homs hosts the premiere of the movie “Qasam,” (Oath), produced by the Syrian Artists Syndicate.

The film is a national epic that commemorates the heroism and victories of the Syrian Arab Army and its great sacrifices to achieve victory.

The writer and director of the film, Sami Noufal, explained that the film “Qasam” is his first experience in the field of cinema, through which he tried to show something different from the previously produced films that documented the heroism, valor, and victories of the Syrian Arab Army. “Qasam” is based on a war fantasy that does not document a specific event, but rather depicts the case of a group of soldiers who are under siege trying to  awaken their dear memories and  remember their legacy and roots to get out of the difficult situation they are in.

Autumn 2021 exhibition in Baniyas

The Palace of Culture in Baniyas opened the autumn of 2021 exhibition with the participation of artists Fawaz Sweidan, Nasr Ibrahim and Abeer Mahmoud. About the exhibition, the director, Mr. Fawaz Sweidan, said: The autumn exhibition is an annual tradition since the independence of the country.

 The exhibition is held in fall and a number of artists participate in it. Nasr Ibrahim (Arabic calligraphy and decoration) and artist Abeer Mahmoud are participating this year, in addition to my participation in a group of portraits and horse drawings, he added.

"Venus Cultural Forum" kicks off within the poetry festival "Welcome Autumn"

The first activities of the “Venus Cultural Forum” started within the poetry festival “Welcome Autumn”, which was held by the Cultural Center in Al-Zahraa neighborhood in Homs today.

The poet “Bahija Khaddour, founder of the forum, which includes a group of poets and writers, most of whom are from the educational staff, said that the forum  aims at enriching the cultural movement in Homs and prove the role of women in cultural affairs, in addition to encouraging young literary and artistic talents.

During the festival, Khaddour recited a poem entitled "Welcome Autumn", in which she described the month of beginnings and endings, and the first rain, where life is renewed, while the poet "Mona Al-Rayes" read a love prose poem where she used the simple direct method to express her feelings and goals.

The poet Taleb Najm presented the poem, “Salute to Nizar” in which he highlighted the great poet Nizar Qabbani and his high literary standing.

A war shrapnel tops the first solo exhibition of sculptor Hisham Al-Maleeh

Damascus (ST): On the morning of Thursday, February 21, 2013, while the people of Damascus were heading to their work and schools, a terrorist suicide bombing occurred in the neighborhood of Mazraa, resulting in the death of dozens of children and civilians.

The traces of this heinous crime remain through the memory of the martyrs and the shrapnel of the bomb that exploded and claimed the lives of innocent people to remind us of what this crazy war did to us.

Sculptor Hisham Al-Maleeh picked up the shrapnel from Al-Thawra Street days after the bombing, and kept it to be the subject of his first solo exhibition, which will open in Zawaya Gallery tomorrow - an opportunity to present it to the public and through which he recalls the memory of that painful day.

Artist Julia Sa’eed : Painting with soil attracts me the most, because it is the soil of the homeland

Artist Julia Sa’eed’s paintings  expressed realistic cases of art and commitment  to the homeland’s issues.  She used all colors and  depended on soil  and water, which is both innovative and distinguished  . 

 "I am interested in paintings which  reflect the artist's spirit  and feelings as well as paintings that shed light on human and social issues and embody women and childhood in all their cases, especially women because they are the secret of existence." Artist Sa’eed expressed.