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Child Theater presents” the star of dreams” play

Within the activities of the Ministry of Culture, Child Theater, AL -Hamra Theater presented the play "Star of Dreams" by the writer Faten Derki and director Sohair Barhoum with participation of a number of actors, including several children.

Syria Times interviewed the director who told us about the idea of the play:

“The play has educational goals such as diligence, rejection of laziness, bearing responsibility, and non-dependence.

Syrian Folklore highlighted in academic research works

The diverse Syrian folklore in its different environments has constituted an integrated cultural unity established by the Syrians throughout the history of their country which has a unique tangible and intangible heritage and a rich cultural legacy that reflects the diversity of the Syrian society.

 Over the past six years, a master degree has been offered by the Sociology Department of the Faculty of Literature and Humanitarian Science of Damascus University to more than 100 researchers and specialists who highlighted in the letters for their Master's degree the importance of the  Syrian Folklore and all issues related to the Syrian people's traditions and customs. The aim is to preserve the Syrian Cultural heritage, enhance its relation with generations, introduce the Syrian cultural identity and stress the role of universities and scientific research in maintaining this heritage.

Old Damascene Houses, Perfumed Bottles whose impact reached Andalusia

Damascus (ST): "Old Damascene Houses, Perfumed      Bottles" is the title  of a  symposium recently held by the Arab Cultural Center in Kafr Sousseh that shed light on different aspects of these houses, their beauty and splendor and their impact on world architecture.

Researcher Ilham Mahfoud, the curator of the Arabic Calligraphy Museum in Damascus, said that the Damascene houses have their own distinguished beauty which is different from others in various cities.

Arab Writers Union holds the first international cartoons exhibition

With the participation of more than 252 cartoonists  from 52 countries  around the world,  the Arab Writers Union held its first international cartoons exhibition in a new way which  dealt with the role  of international figures who influenced the literary and cultural movement.  

The visions of the participating cartoonists' paintings differed in  the technique  of drawing, but what they all had in common was that they they revealed the impact of the lies and brutality of American - Zionist media war against Syria.    

The supervisor of the exhibition, cartoonist Raed Khalil, said in a statement to SANA that  “This exhibition establishes an important next phase to address awareness and root the culture of caricature as one of the means of enhancing intellectual and national awareness.”

Syrian cartoonist wins the first prize in international festival in Croatia

Syrian cartoonist Murhaf Yousef won the first prize in the 12th International Oscar Festival in Croatia.

Yousef cartoons portray the terrible distribution of resources among the peoples and the how the powerful dominate the weak .

More than 220 cartoonists from 49 countries participated in the Festival.

Basma Qaddour