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"A rather ordinary day” wins the gold medal in the Alexandria Film Festival

Damascus (ST): The short film “A Rather Ordinary Day”,  produced by the General Film Organization, has  won the golden prize of the Alexandria Short Film Festival in its seventh session, which announced its results today.

The film, written and directed by Anas Zawahiri and produced as part of the Youth Cinema Support Project for 2019, is an attempt to depict the details of the Syrian social environment and learn about its different classes by monitoring stories that take place within an area not exceeding the journey of a taxi driver wandering around the city streets.

The film, which won the first prize at the Youth and Short Film Festival last year, starred “Hammam Reda, Tamadur Ghanem, Alyana Saad Mohammad, Wahid Qazak, Salim Sabbagh, Fouad Al-Ali, Mohammad Khattab and Zain Khouzam.

The silver prize at the festival went to the Egyptian film "Tok Tok.


Haneen Al-Fahd: Drawing is a space to express my feelings and my Sensations

Haneen Al-Fahd: Drawing is a space to express my feelings and my Sensations

The love of drawing dominated the consciousness and imagination of the young woman, Haneen Al-Fahd, as it has  become her own way to express her feelings and is a space of hope to overcome the difficulties that she went through to prove herself and achieve success in the field of drawing and in her studies at the College of Pharmacy.

About her passion for drawing, she said, "I loved drawing from a young age, thanks to my mother, who was an artist whose paintings were covering the walls of our house. My love for drawing prompted me to take a step that taught me how to be confident in my artistic abilities and myself. At the end of 2015, my mother passed away, so I had nothing but art as the only means to express my soul and inner feelings. Through my efforts, experience, training, and accuracy of observation, I was able to reach the level that I aspire to, and I still aspire to achieve the best."

Referring to the topics she deals with in her paintings, she said, "I like portraiture in general and children in particular. Through the faces and features of children, I can express what is going on inside me, as children have true and pure feelings. In general, I draw in response to an emotional state I live in, and when I feel that I need to paint, I used to leave everything and dive into the world of drawing."

"I tried various materials in my work, including acrylic and oil   colors, but charcoal attracted me more and most of my paintings were done with it", Haneen added.

Amal Farhat - Homs

“Ishtar Creates” Festival in Tartous celebrates Syrian women’s creativity despite difficult challenges

 "Ishtar Creates" festival, which was held by the Culture Palace in Baniyas city in its fourth year, attracted visitors from various regions of the city and its countryside, as it included a wide variety of Syrian handicrafts and crochet works, in addition to participations in painting, poetry and singing.

“The three- day festival was organized to celebrate the Syrian New Year and concluded its activities on Tuesday with the participation of 40 different talents from Baniyas, Damascus and Salamiyah” the festival coordinator, plastic artist Mays Mustafa told SANA.

The Central Forum of the Baath Vanguards ... A revival of Palmyra's ancient heritage and art

Al-Zahrawi Palace recently hosted the first Central Forum for Sculpture, Photography and Handicrafts for the children of the Baath Vanguards Organization, entitled "Palmyra is the Civilization ... Creativity of the Past and the Present ", to  revive the ancient heritage and art of Palmyra.

Head of the Fine Arts Office of the Baath Vanguards Organization, Hiba Saeed, said that the organization seeks, in its plan, to enhance the patriotic, cultural, civilizational and historical sense of Syrian children, as well as deepen the values of belonging to the homeland. She added that this forum aims to revive all meanings and values of the ancient heritage and art of Palmyra to remain in the memory of the children.

Seventy artworks in Lattakia Spring 2021 Exhibition

“Art is about connecting with people’s emotions . It is personal and at the same time , universal. An artist has the ability to feel strongly to be sensitive to things  and express this in the paint , gesture or color . I believe that the artist’s role , above all things , is to be as true to themselves as they can within society , the community and the world at large” Artist Fareed Reslan Head of  the Lattakia branch of Plastic Artits’ Union said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper at the sideline of opening  Lattakia Spring exhibition 2021.