(For You, My Mother), an art exhibition held in Khan Asa'ad Pasha, Damascus

Damascus ( ST): Within the activities of the Syrian Family Days campaign, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, organized an art exhibition entitled “For you, my mother,” in Khan Asaad Pasha, Damascus.

About 26 artists participated in the event presenting oil paintings and sculptural works that were implemented according to various realistic, expressive and symbolic  schools, through which the artists expressed the sublime meanings of motherhood, the mother’s message, and the importance of her role in the family.

The exhibition also included nine “calligraphy” paintings presented by the children of Dar Al-Rahmeh orphanage, in which they wrote phrases in Arabic script describing the mother and the family.


The head of the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs, Dr. Akram Al-Qash, stated in a statement that the aim of the event is to shed light on the cultural aspect in showing the importance of the family, family ties and the role of women as mothers, workers and educators, considering that the exhibit  succeeded in providing different highlights on the roles of women.

Dr. Al-Qash indicated that the Commission, in cooperation with the various ministries and institutions concerned, seeks to build an integrated strategy for family issues to highlight their needs, pointing out that the activities of the current campaign are the nucleus of this strategy.

Adnan Al-Qassem, a graduate of the Adham Ismail Institute for Plastic Arts, indicated that he expressed through two paintings  the suffering of Syrian women during the terrorist war on the country and the fear that she lived for her children and family, while Rama Oso, a student at the Fine Arts Faculty, explained that she chose a portrait of her mother's face to express the sacredness of the mother, wishing that the exhibition would be a platform for more interest in the family, which is the main factor for the well-being of  society.