Seventy artworks in Lattakia Spring 2021 Exhibition

“Art is about connecting with people’s emotions . It is personal and at the same time , universal. An artist has the ability to feel strongly to be sensitive to things  and express this in the paint , gesture or color . I believe that the artist’s role , above all things , is to be as true to themselves as they can within society , the community and the world at large” Artist Fareed Reslan Head of  the Lattakia branch of Plastic Artits’ Union said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper at the sideline of opening  Lattakia Spring exhibition 2021.


The annual exhibition, which was organized by Lattakia branch of Plastic Artists’ Union at Al-Bassel Gallery of Art, was distinguished by providing a chance for  creating  a rich visual artistic dialogue by combining the young visions and artistic experiences of professional artists.

Seventy  artworks diversified  in styles and themes were showcased by 55 artists who are members of the Lattakia branch, in addition to a number of guest artists from Sweida, Hasakah, Damascus and Deir Ezzor  provinces .

The artworks depicted rich  experiences and topics as well as different art schools  that were dominated by realism ,  surrealism and abstraction.

Artist Reslan pointed out that the exhibition, that came after a forced absence last year due to the Corona pandemic,  was  characterized  by a large participation of young artists who have recently joined the union from graduates of colleges of art and amateurs, which constitutes an incentive  to the plastic art  movement in the governorate.

He added the cultural event  that included  various  art works in terms of techniques   including oil painting , water  pastel  and sculptural works of  various materials such as   natural stone, industrial and wood .

Rada Hamdoush , one of the young artists participating in the exhibition, noted the importance of  holding  exhibitions  constantly  despite difficult circumstances, to stress  the presence and effectiveness of art.

Sculptor, Jaber Asaad, who participated in  two  walnut and olive wood sculpture works representing  the mother and family ,  stressed  his constant keenness on  adopting  curved lines and simplification in  his sculpture  works  to embody  his idea easily , noting the role of exhibitions in  raising  visual taste.

For his part, plastic artist Mario Youssef ‘s  painting , which represented   spring and green plains, is an indication   of a new birth to our country, indicating  that the exhibition is distinguished this year by the number of participants and the development of the plastic work  movement. 

Plastic artist Ramadan Al-Nuzha, who participated as a guest at the exhibition from Deir Ezzor Governorate, believed that the cultural event  showcased  a variety of  styles and topics that witnessed a great turnout. 

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam