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Muqlus, amazing vivid nature that revives Al-Nadara Valley

Muqlus is situated like a glowing green jewel at the foot of Al Helou Mountain attracting visitors all over the world for its unique beautiful nature and distinctive climate. It is located about 40 km to the west of the city of Homs, at the top of the Wadi Al-Nadara Mountains about 800 m above the sea level.

Bnamra ... a green jewel embraced by the mountains

Tartous, (ST)-The quiet village of Bnamra is embraced by  mountains of ancient oak trees, in the midst of a charming nature as freshwater springs burst from its tops which makes the village look like an emerald.

According to the village mayor, Muhammad Ahmad Shaheen, Bnamra is within the municipality of  Sheikh Badr in Tartous. It spreads over an area of about two thousand dunums. The village was named so due to its many springs and products, which means the pantry, (the house of supplies). The people of the village cultivate olives, tobacco and citrus fruits.

The village is characterized by its picturesque nature, with its fresh air and pleasant summer breezes. Despite the difficulty of reaching it, the tourists continuously visit the  village and spend hours of their time enjoying its attractive beauty and relaxing in its calm nature.

In the summer, the parks of the village, which lie on the banks of the river connecting Bnamra and Al-Sourani, are full of visitors coming to taste the popular  dishes  that the region is famous for, and enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature.

Amal Farhat

18 tourism projects in Dahr Al-Jabal, in Al-Suwayda

Dahr Al-Jabal area, which is located to the east of the city of Al-Suwayda, is considered a vacation destination due to its charming mountainous nature and fresh cool air.This made it important for investors. Thus the number of tourism projects in it reached 18.

Al-Suwayda Tourism Director Yarob Al-Arbeed said that the projects include restaurants, canteens, and hotels. They are divided into nine projects which are being implemented now and six large tourism projects that are licensed and are currently under implementation and 3 tourism projects under license. These projects provide great job opportunities for citizens, especially graduates of colleges of tourism and public and private hotel institutes and schools.

Al-Arbeed indicates that Ain Al-Marj area at Dahr Al-Jabal has been approved as an integrated tourism development zone. The work is underway to secure the necessary services and infrastructure due to it being an important area containing multiple tourism facilities with high investment specifications and costs.

During the past year, the Ministry of Tourism granted licenses of Tourism construction and  rehabilitation to five tourism projects in the province of Al-Suwayda, at an estimated cost of about 5 billion Syrian pounds, noting that the number of tourism projects put into service in the province of Al-Sweida is 58 projects.

The Tourism Director noted that Dahr Al-Jabal area is rich in antiquities, some of which date back to four thousand years BC, in addition to the spread of thousands of acres of natural forests and wooded lands with various fruit trees, especially vines and apples.

A Promenade monitors the beauty of Wadi Qandil … “Magical place” with unique intersection of sea and nature

Wadi Qandil town is a wonderful area which is surrounded by pine forests and citrus fields. The town is located about 25 km to the north of Lattakia. It  is considered as one of the charming tourist destinations in the coastal region.

Wadi Qandil beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Syria  as its golden sands  stretch for about 2 km. Referred to by some as the “ magical place” , with the unique intersection of sea, mountain and river - to some it is the most beautiful beach on the area.

Kafr Dabel a Phoenician village

Kafr Dabel a village from Jableh countryside, distinguished by the beauty of its nature and its location. Going back to four thousand years, was inhabited by Phoenicians and Arameans, who maintained its name until now. Kafr Dabel was part to the Phoenician kingdom of Ciano.

The name Kafr Dabel is made up of two nouns in the Syriac language, "Kafr", which means home, village, or place; and "Debel" meaning the Saint.

It is about (12) km from Jableh, (200) meters above sea level. Its population is approximately (5,000) people. Kafar Dabel is known for the kindness and generosity of its people. During war, the village offered martyrs in defense of the beloved land of Syria, and its people resisted the Ottoman and French occupations vigorously.