Celebration of lighting the Christmas tree in Aleppo

As part of “Joyful Christmas 2019” event, the Christmas tree was illuminated in Aleppo to celebrate Christmas and the New Year's Eve, amidst a large public presence.

The event, which was  organized by the Aleppo Tourism Directorate and Shahba Aleppo Hotel, included hymns and songs by Angelo Choir and a group of children  who  expressed  Christmas joy in addition to  launching fireworks that lit up the sky.

The Director of Aleppo Tourism, Naela Chahoud, told  SANA reporter that the lighting of the Christmas tree is a message of love and peace that announces the return of safety to the city of Aleppo, which will remain the city of life.

Director of the “Shahba Aleppo Hotel” Ghassan Youssef pointed out that the celebration confirms that Syria is a country of peace, joy and safety, no matter how the enemies of peace and humanity try to undermine it or deform its image.

In turn, Father Emmanuel Milad Krikorian, the guide of the Angelo Choir, said that the band brought joy to the hearts of the attendees and conveyed with the children a message for all people announcing the joys of Christmas, calling for Syria to enjoy security, peace and love.

Inas Abdulkareem