Eng. Hussam Halabi, head of the implementation department  in the Old City of Aleppo, said  that the market is located in the northern side of Old Aleppo towards Bab Al-Nasr and it contains  various commercial stores for  selling foods, nuts, clothes and shoes, pointing out that the rehabilitation works include the restoration of infrastructure  that includes networks for water, sanitation, electricity and communications in addition to the completion of the restoration of stone facades, the installation of doors and the replacement of the metal ceiling and  repairing  the   damaged structural elements. All these works  depend  on the workforce and local expertise in the city council taking into account the technical specifications of the Directorate of Antiquities, Museums and the Old City.

Engineer Basil al-Zaher, who is responsible for the implementation of the project, said that the restoration work includes the market from Bab  al-Naser  in the north to the old prison street in the south.

He pointed  out that  the project implementation period is about four months, and  the costs  of the project estimated  at 200 million Syrian pounds.