Foreign Tourists: Syria has Unique Tourist Sites

For the first time after the liberation of the ancient city of Palmyra from terrorism, a group of tourists from Thailand visited the city and viewed its history and its cultural and human heritage,   and documented the effects of the devastation of the historical monuments due to the attacks of the Takfiri “ISIS organization.

"What the terrorists did in Palmyra is a destruction of human culture," said tourist Neo, who works as an expert in an oil company. He called on international organizations specialized in protecting human heritage to seek the reconstruction of these historic monuments as they were before..


"Our visit was very beautiful to this wonderful historical city, despite the long distance and extreme fatigue, but upon our arrival we felt completely comfortable, especially that for the first time we witnessed such a civilization, and the  huge monuments built within a city in an organized architectural  way from thousands of years." Neo added.

Nats, who works in a tourist company, said that Syria's tourist sites are unique worldwide , especially cultural tourism. She went on to say : "Palmyra is a city registered on the World Heritage List, and we were able to visit it even though it is located far in the desert. This is evidence of the availability of safety that helps to re-attract tourists from all over the world".

Nats considered that what the terrorist organization "ISIS" had done against the monuments of this global city is a crime against all humanity, stressing that she documented with photos these heinous crimes committed by cultural enemies against the loving and hospitable people of Syria and that she would do her utmost to encourage tourist groups to visit Syria.


Amal Farhat