Celebration of lighting the Christmas tree in Aleppo

As part of “Joyful Christmas 2019” event, the Christmas tree was illuminated in Aleppo to celebrate Christmas and the New Year's Eve, amidst a large public presence.

The event, which was  organized by the Aleppo Tourism Directorate and Shahba Aleppo Hotel, included hymns and songs by Angelo Choir and a group of children  who  expressed  Christmas joy in addition to  launching fireworks that lit up the sky.

The Director of Aleppo Tourism, Naela Chahoud, told  SANA reporter that the lighting of the Christmas tree is a message of love and peace that announces the return of safety to the city of Aleppo, which will remain the city of life.

Homs Joyful Christmas Festival kicks off

The activities of “Milad Farah Homs” festival were launched in the Church of Our Lady of Annunciation in Al-Mahata neighborhood.

The opening ceremony included a show of the scout regiment of Our Lady of the Annunciation Church, the lighting of the Christmas tree accompanied by Christmas songs with cartoon characters for children and a concert by artist Samer Gabro, as well as opening the Christmas market in the church hall that will last for three days.

Articles and intellectual researches on the aggression on Syria in "Al-fikr al-Seyasi" magazine

Damascus, ST- Various articles and intellectual researches of the aggressive war on Syria and its continuing repercussions are included in the new issue of the quarterly "Al-Fikr al-Seyasi" (political thought) magazine.

The magazine is published by the Arab Writers Union. In its editorial, editor-in-chief, Dr. Jaber Salman, touched on the new Ottomanism and its similarity with the Zionist extremist line.

The translation section in the magazine contains a study by the American writer Robert Roth entitled "What is really happening in Syria.. Who started the war", translated by Dr. Hussein Aziz Saleh and dealt with the reality of aggression against Syria, which was planned by America and funded by the Saudi and Qatari regimes.

Homs Heritage Markets are Reviving Again

In the past, the markets of Homs were not merely shops for selling goods, but they were forums for the discussion of people's daily life and other social activities. But during the war years, armed terrorist groups tried to obliterate the markets in an attempt to wipe out the memory of this city through the acts of sabotage and destruction that affected those markets, including the covered market «Souk al-Maqbi», which is the largest and oldest market in Homs and one of the archaeological landmarks of ancient Homs. It housed many small markets forming the so-called covered market. Most of these markets are known for the professions practiced therein.

Sun Holes through a Tug of War: Postmodern Art in Postwar Syria

Whether you are a lover of contemporary art or not, there is no doubting the visual impact of art installations with 3D adding an additional dimension: humanity. Yes installation art is evocative as well as provocative in raising issues of great importance through offering accessibility to interactivity with audience.

However, Installation art which is a quietly new technique in the world of art only dating back to the seventies; has been introduced to the Syrian community by Fassih keiso, Ph.D. holder in Visual  Arts from Sydney University, through "Palmyra Tug of War" an interdisciplinary work dealing with violence, destruction and the human body.