Updating the database and qualifying human cadres, the first steps in developing the national plan for regional planning

Damascus, ST- Within the framework of the reconstruction phase in Syria, it is necessary to have a national plan for housing and building taking into consideration the demographic, constructional and economic changes, which requires the participation of all concerned parties to provide the necessary data and tools.

The national project for Regional Planning represents the key to the preparation mechanism of this plan, as the executive and temporal program for it was approved last April by the Supreme Council for Regional Planning.

Deputy Minister of Public Works and Housing Mary Claire Al-Tali explained to SANA that the plan is based on updating the national spatial planning database in various sectors especially its  demographic, building, economic, natural, environmental and cultural axes. The plan also aims to define areas of major constructional communities as well as tourism, environmental and cultural heritage protection.

Rehabilitation of 681 stores ... The third stage of restoring Homs old markets project was completed

Due to the importance of historical and economic markets, as it is the commercial center of the city, rehabilitation and restoration teams have embarked and made - and are still - making great efforts to rebuild the archaeological market after being devastated by terrorism. The restoration work continues in its various stages while preserving the archaeological identity of these markets .

Yarmouk and Qaboun building areas blueprints will be announced in January

In a meeting at the Prime Ministry, it was decided to announce the blueprints of the Yarmouk and Qaboun areas on the second of January 2020.

The Prime Ministry asked the governmental authorities to complete the study for the reconstruction of Jobar, Ain Al-Fijah, Ain Al-Khadra and Basma.

The aim of this study is to compensate the people for the damage that was caused to their properties by terrorism, the Prime Ministry said.

Restoration and rehabilitation works begin in Khan Al-Harir market in Old Aleppo

Aleppo, ST- The Aleppo City Council, in cooperation with the Aga Khan Foundation for Cultural Services, started the work of restoring and rehabilitating Khan Al-Harir market in the old city of Aleppo, which includes more than 60 shops and three stores that were designated for the trade of fabrics, sweets, and nuts.

Eng. Hussam Halabi, from the Implementation Department of the Old City of Aleppo, told SANA that Khan Al-Harir market is one of the most important markets of the old city and it forms the main entrance towards the Foustoq Square and Soukatia market. He added that Khan Al-Harir restoration works are currently being done under the supervision of the City Council and the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums.

Putting a basic education school into service in Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor, (ST) - The Directorate of Education in Deir Al-Zour has put into service, Faisal School for Basic Education in liberated Al-Jubaila district, after its maintenance, rehabilitation, and repairing damages caused by terrorism.

The director of education, Khalil Hajj Obaid, said that Faisal School is one of the oldest schools in the governorate and accommodates about 200 students, which is the second school that has been put into service in this neighborhood after the Badr Al-Din Al-Aifan School, which includes about 800 students, which relieves students from the trouble of moving to schools located in other neighborhoods.